Clariion CX Hardware Components

November 28th, 2008 3 comments

There are various Clariion Components associated with the full functionality of a Clariion CX Series machine.

Some of the very important components are highlighted below along with QTY’s per machine

SPS: Standby Power Supply (Battery) x 2
SPE: Storage Processor Enclosure x 1
SP: Service Processor x 2
PS: Power Supply for DPE x 2
Fan: Fan for DPE (primarily on CX600 and CX700) x 2
DAE: Disk Array Enclosure (varies per version of CX)
LCC: Link Control Card x 2 per DAE
PS: Power Supply for DAE x 2 per DAE
HSSDC: DAE Expansion Cables connect LCC together x 2 per DAE
Disk Drives:
36GB FC, 73GB FC, 146GB FC, 300GB FC, 250GB ATA, 320GB ATA x 15 per encl.

Clariion CX3 Models and Key Information

November 28th, 2008 No comments

The following are some key differences on the Clariion CX3-XX model numbers. Comparison consist of no. of disk drives, max luns it supports, iSCSI support, Fiber Ports, Host Connections, No of processors and available cache. 

Below are some of the key features on the CX3 model of machines. 

EMC Hardware Model Numbers

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Symm 3.0: 3100, 5100, 3130, 5130, 3200, 5200, 3500, 5500

Symm 4.0: 3330, 5330, 3430, 5430, 3700, 5700

Symm 4.8: 3630, 5630, 3830, 5830, 3930, 5930

Symm 5.0: 8130, 8430, 8730

Symm 5.5: 8230, 8530, 8830, 8230 LVD, 8530 LVD, 8830 LVD


DMX: DMX800, DMX1000, DMX1000-P, DMX2000, DMX2000-P, DMX3000-3

DMX2: DMX1000-M2, DMX1000-P2, DMX2000-M2, DMX2000-P2, DMX2000-M2-3, DMX2000-P2-3,


DMX3: DMX3, DMX3-950

DMX4: DMX4, DMX4-950


IP: IP4700

FC: FC5400, FC4700, FC4700-2, FC5300, FC5700, FC5700-2

CX: CX200, CX300, CX400, CX500, CX600, CX700, CX300i, CX500i,

CX3: CX3-10, CX3-20, CX3-40, CX3-80

CX4: New Releasing Aug 2008.

AX: AX100, AX150

AX4: AX4

Disk Library

DL: DL300, DL500, DL700

DL 3D: DL 3D 1500, DL 3D 3000, DL 4000, DL Mainframe


DS: DS-8B, DS-8B2, DS-16B, DS-16B2, DS-32B2, DS-24M, DS-24M2, DS-220B, DS-300B, DS-4100B,

DS-4900B, DS-5000B, DS-5100B, DS-5300B, MP-7500B, AP-7600B, MDS-9124, MDS-9134,

MDS-9216i, MDS-9216A, MDS-9222i

ED: ED-64M, ED-140M, ED-12000B, ED-24000B, ED-48000B, ED-DCX-B, MDS-9506-V2, MDS-9509-V2,




NS: NS40G, NS80G, NS20, NS40, NS80, NSX

Centera: Centera, Centera Compliance, Centera Governance

Avamar Data Store

EMC Hardware Products

November 27th, 2008 1 comment

Symmetrix: Classified as Enterprise level storage, mostly used for business critical tier 1 Applications. Supports mainframe environments, open systems and many other legacy host environments. Major competitors to the Symmetrix are HDS and HP XP’s. IBM ESS (Shark’s) at one time were considered a close match, but with the new technology and latest EMC acquisitions, EMC has taken the Symmetrix products to a new level.

DMX: An extension of Symmetrix. This platform is classified as Symmetrix DMX (Direct Matrix Architecture). EMC is one of the pioneers to bring Solid State Disk to the DMX4 Environments.

Clariion: Classfied as Tier 2 Storage. Used mostly with mid size businesses as backend storage or as backup devices at larger enterprises.

Disk Library (DL): Using a Falconstor front end and a Clariion Back End, EMC has designed a virtual tape library solution, that emulates tape devices and stores the data on disk drives (backups run at disk speed).

Connectrix: Using Brocade, Mcdata and Cisco switches, EMC has taken the Connectrix platform one level ahead integrating it with its SAN, NAS and CAS Environments.

Celerra: NAS (Network Attached Storage), mostly known as IP Storage. Used for backup applications, integrates NAS and ISCSI technologies.

Centera: CAS (Content Address Storage), used mostly in financial, utilities and medical fields to follow the Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA Compliance and Governance Requirements.

Avamar Data Store: Avamar Platform is primarily used with backup, recovery, data deduplication. A product still in its infancy with a lot more integration required.

RSA Products