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True IT – Storage Stories: A Series

September 21st, 2009 No comments

True IT - Storage StoriesHave been thinking about this for the past week, with various IT – Storage related projects that are implemented in the industry, there are these times where one runs into very unique situations. These situations may work in their favor, work against them, possibly not affect the project or completely change the course of the project.

There are also times where you hear these stories from the customers since they may have encountered something out of the ordinary with their IT – Storage Environments completely unrelated to the project. These situations can occur out of the blue, take the customer by unknown and completely change their IT – Storage organization forever.

Each of these True IT – Storage Stories will have a number associated with it for example True IT – Storage Stories 1, 2 and so forth. Also you should be able to follow all the stories based on tag “True IT – Storage Stories”.

I will stay neutral (try to keep any negatively out) and not mention any customer names or involved people or products or OEM technology and again not promote any particular OEM or product against other.

Hope we all get to learn some lessons from these True Stories