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HP Discover 2011 Day 2 (Keynote)

Another exciting day got kicked off at HP Discover 2011 this morning.

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* Jake Johansen takes the stage. Jake is a standup comedian and kicked off the day with a few new funny jokes…

* Ann Livermore takes the stage at HP Discover

* Talks about instant data and mobile applications, flexibility of IT based on demand, do it automatically and instant, provide availability and security.

* IT has been about Modernizing Data Centers, Transforming today’s data center to the Data Center of the future, Enterprise Security and some software capabilities to meet current customer needs, Optimize Datacenter and Information – Dashboard, Scorecard and optimize performance of the datacenters, Deliver applications and data real time to your customers, decision makers, etc

* Dave Donatelli takes the stage at HP Discover

* Convergence is the topic of discussion

* 18 months ago, HP made a decision to move to the HP Converged Infrastructure

* New products and solutions for the next generation datacenter

* HP is transforming the networking industry.

* FLEX networking architecture. FLEX Management includes FlexFabric, FlexCampus, FlexBranch. Build around Open, scalable, secure, agile, consistent experience.

* New Switching performance, WAP devices, etc

* Personal Note: HP Networking is really competing against Cisco

* Demo of IMC: Intelligent Management Center

* Personal Note: Quite impressive on the features, functionality that IMC offers today. Inter VM traffic should be available in the near future.

* SuperDome commitment from HP

* NonStop server commitment from HP

* Most storage platforms from various different manufactures are 15 to 20 years old.

* 3Par offers Multitenancy

* Thin Provisioning and how others have struggled to make it happen on their storage

* Priceline Video

* New announcements to IBRIX Scale out NAS, 50% new performance boost, snapshots, etc

* New announcements to the EVA products, 40% less power, 8GB backend, new software upgrade

* HP VirtualSystem can use Citrix, Microsoft, Vmware

* HP VirtualSystems can be bought/purchased with any HP Storage, HP Servers, etc

* HP Appsystems

* HP CloudSystems

* HP Cloudsystem demo

* HP ECO POD: Worlds most efficient data centers

* ECO Pod can get up and running in 3 months. PUE (power ratio) is 1.05

* Bill Vegthe takes the stage at HP Discover

* 5 Trillion a year spend on IT, essentially 1 M per minute

* Hal Zesch, Former CIO Valero on stage

* Hal just mentioned EMC recalled 40M Secure ID tokens

* Joel Karczewski, Director of Paychex takes stage

* Andy Smith, VP of Applications Hosting services, McKesson takes the stage

* Paul Melson, Manager Information Security, Priority Health takes the stage

* Marcelo Akira Imai, Infrastructure Manager, UNIMED takes the stage

* Dee Patton, Staff Director, IT Compliance, IEEE takes the stage

Catchup tomorrow with some additional keynotes and blog posts…