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2010 – Blog Update and the future

Thank you all for reading and subscribing to the StorageNerve Blog.

I really appreciate all your comments, offline emails, twitter discussions and twitter DM’s, it was honestly a great year to meet and get into discussions with so many of the storage, virtualization and IT experts around the world.

Work related travel aside, attending some of the conferences and vendor focused blogging events kept the year quite busy. Some of the events attended during 2010 include GestaltIT Tech Field Day, couple of HP Storage Days, HP Server/ Blades Day, HDS Geek Day, HDS uValue Convention – Japan, HDS VSP Launch, EMC World and Dell OEM Day, it was quite challenging keeping a balance with work, family and the blogging events.

The numbers of blog posts in 2010 were far more infrequent than the past years. During the year, a total of 47 posts got pushed out, but a lot more frequently during the first half of the year than the later half.

Though the number of posts in 2010 were less than 2009, the site traffic was up by more than 60% in 2010.

Most hits were on the Index (Home Page), but here are the blog posts with the most hits (Top to Bottom)

Most of these posts are from 2009, but posts with technical information receive more hits than others.


There were certain Deepdive pages (sections) of the blog that have ranked quite high on the list (not considered as blog posts)


Top Browsers

  • Internet Explorer with more than 50% of all the hits
  • Firefox
  • Chrome


Top Operating Systems

  • Windows with more than 80% of all the hits
  • Macintosh
  • Linux
  • .
  • .
  • Android (In-between are iPad, SunOS, iPhone, FreeBSD, Blackberry)


Top Countries

  • US
  • India
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Australia


The Top Sources

  • Obviously


The Top Sources (ISP/ Corporate Networks)

  • EMC Corporation (& Data General Corp & Information Management Group)
  • Comcast
  • Roadrunner
  • HP
  • Hitachi Data Systems

*All stats obtained from Google Analytics


Some StorageNerve Blog Features

  • WordPress Platform
  • 24 different functional Plugins automating and providing rich integration to other apps
  • Customized Search Engine (easy to use and robust results)
  • Customized WordPress iNove theme
  • Blog Translation in 68 languages
  • Odiogo Blog integration for iTunes
  • Guaranteed working Links (no broken links)
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr integration for Videos and Pictures
  • Tweet and Retweet from a blog post
  • Facebook Like Button
  • About (me), LinkedIn profile and Facebook Page links
  • IPhone, Blackberry, iPad Browser friendly blog
  • Other related post links to the post you are reading
  • Deepdive Section
  • Disqus Commenting System
  • Trackbacks
  • Easy Navigation, 3 Clicks to any Blog post
  • Easy Subscription links
  • And much more…


Looking forward to continuing blogging in 2011.

Though there are a few things I need to do which are (work in progress or already in place)

  • Faster Site Reloads
  • Better Search Capabilities
  • Simplified look
  • Keeping navigation clean
  • Engaging in Comments
  • No Google Adwords or other Ads
  • Rich integration with Facebook (through plug-ins)
  • Richer Twitter integration (through plug-ins)
  • Being more regular with blog posts
  • Continuing the Technical Deepdive section
  • And hoping to keep the quality of the posts high


Again thank you for subscribing to the StorageNerve RSS feeds and visiting the blog regularly. I really appreciate all the support, help and assistance you all have provided me in continuing this blog.



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  • soikki

    Actually the 5875 code is a big deal, as evidently there is no Celerra code that supports 5875. Having a Celerra, we cannot upgrade to 5875. So we STILL have to wait for the features that have been promised more than a year ago.

    How do you move thin luns between pools on a v-max without 5875 code? No, you don’t!

  • soikki

    Oops! Sorry, this should have gone to the blog entry “VMAX makes a Re-Debut with lots of enhancements”