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EMC Clariion FC4500 Systems: Determine the IP Address

The EMC Clariion FC4500 Systems were the first generation of Clariion units after Data General was purchased by EMC.

Though these systems were pretty robust back in the day, compared to today’s advanced technology, it was just a JBOD.

For some related search terms and comments left by folks on the Storagenerve site, quite a few readers having been hunting for information related to the Clariion FC4500 Series of machines, never thought there were active users of this technology now, well I guess I was wrong.

At times to reset the Service Processor or to further investigate a certain problem, these units have to be assigned an IP Address or rather incase of a misplaced application, the customer needs to find the IP address of the unit.

This process is disruptive. I have tried it in the lab with success, but sometimes based on a certain flavor of Flarecode, I have also seen this process go unsuccessful.

The following is the procedure to recover or determine the IP address of the Clariion FC4500 units.

  • Select either SP a or SP b.
  • Using HyperTerminal and the following Serial port settings connect to the Serial Port of the Clariion unit on the back of the SP (Service Processor), 9600-8-N-1-N
  • To break the sequence, Please the shift key and then enter @$@$
  • At the Arom>menu
  • Now select Option 7
  • Now select Option 11
  • You should not be prompted to change to FCLI mode, enter 1
  • Now exit the menu using 0
  • Now select Option 1
  • Your Array should reboot now
  • As the Array comes up, please stay connected through the HyperTerminal
  • At the fcli> setlan
  • Hit Enter and list the IP information
  • Now you should change the mode back to Serial Application
  • Go back to the step 3 above and follow the process to perform a reboot again

The similar process needs to be followed for the other SP.

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