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EMC World 2009: Day 3 (Wednesday – 05/20/2009) – The 72 Hour effect

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So really today was the last day at EMC World. All the TC’s, sales and marketing folks headed back. Things were busy in the morning and started dying down as the day progressed. Today’s day was primarily focused on sessions, there were no keynotes.

So I guess everyone has heard about the 72 hour effect. You walk into a conference and for the next 72 hours the OEM will just keep on pumping information about them, their products, and their services, etc, etc.  People from these conferences go back home with tons of gifts and other collectible items. They leave with an agenda to go back and change their entire infrastructure (add new software, add new hardware, correct wrong things, etc, etc), but are they successful.

The question is what have you got from this conference, was it useful for you? As Frank Hauck said in a keynote, before you go back make a list of 5 important things you want to accomplish and try to achieve it in the possible shortest duration.  

I have been to some other conferences and they haven’t been as attractive as this EMC conference. But then I have also been to some Microsoft Conferences, and they just hammer you with all the MS products, so by the time you go back, you just feel you want to change every OS in your environment and every application in your environment with MS products……but again every OEM has a different agenda with these conferences.

What did you think about this EMC conference (EMC World 2009) if you attended, or heard about it on Twitter?



Quite a few good sessions today, attended several of them related to CX4, V-Max and FCOE. Also a ton of customers and EMC’ers turned around for the test for the bone marrow (DNA test). There was a short form to fill out and some swabs to be taken, but relatively a very short process. Please read the blog post about Nick from EMC and his battle with leukemia.



No keynotes today….



No Pictures today, but it was a rainy day, I don’t think I have seen 4 days of continuous heavy rains ever…may be I am wrong.



Sorry didn’t use my flip camera today…

Also look for some interesting blog post on EMC World 2009 on StorageNerve, hopefully later this week.



The solutions pavilion was also open today for almost half a day. Hope you had a good change to cover most of the vendors.



More Technology blogs coming up on and You might see some collobration going on with some Gestaltit Writers on some common topics. 


The Blogging Lounge

The blogging lounge was full today, but everyone just looked so much tired. I think the 72 hour effect is true here as well. You can drink as much as you want every night, you can stay up at the bar hanging out until 2 or 3 am in the morning, but it’s just matter of time, it will catch-up with you.

At the blogging lounge we had @storagenerve, @edsai, @storageio, @storagedc, @storagezilla, @thestorageanarchy, @stu, @levdevenna, @davegraham, etc.

Had some good discussions with @edsai and @storageio. Also one on one discussion with @stroagedc.


The after Party

So EMC appreciation party was today at Universal Studios. It was a great place to be, but as you know it was raining pretty hard when we all got there. Everyone walking around with their ponchos on and soaked clothes and shoes.

Along with Merrick (no twitter account), @edsai and @storagezilla, went to a few rides, it was good. Had some food at an international food place and then a mojito party at the Rosen Center hotel.


Highlights for Tomorrow

There are a few courses on Documentum, Avamar, and Recoverypoint tomorrow.

EMC World 2009 comes to an end tomorrow. Most or all the folks will be heading back tomorrow. If you are in the FL area and are traveling, please have a safe flight home.