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Dave Donatelli's departure and what is next?



As news hit the wire this afternoon, about the latest move by Dave Donatelli (President EMC Storage Division) from EMC to HP. As Dave’s new job, he will report to Ann Livermore at HP and will handle all Server, Storage and Networking business also known as ESS (Enterprise Storage & Server) Division, worth about US 20B, more than his current responsibilities at EMC, in terms of Dollars. 

Dave has been with EMC since his early college days and more or less these days was talked about being the next CEO at EMC. Something might have changed over this past year, that made him make this move. People in these positions, well respected, accomplished a tons of things, groomed to be the next CEO, have a passion for something they do, and you see them jump the ship…something more to the story. There has been a new appointment into EMC board in 2008, Mr. Hu, I think it was a quite appointment, but a big one, as Hu comes with a great industry M&A knowledge and has been well respected within the consulting, investment and IT business environments. 

Jumping back to Mr. Donatelli, he has been a great icon of EMC Storage division and has played a major role with shaping where EMC stands today from a Storage perspective. 

As news will probably flow over the next couple of weeks, we should see a shift within EMC’s top management with some new faces coming into picture. The latest was Mr. Frank Hauck that runs Global marketing and customer quality will be taking over Dave Donatelli’s role. 

So the move for Mr. Donatelli comes at a very crucial time, a big bang redo of the EMC Symmetrix products and then at the after launch party, resign from the company.  With this move, we should more or less see some other folks within EMC follow his foot steps. The question becomes, who within the Storage Blogosphere will end up among the executive profiles of EMC’s leadership chart.

Good luck and Good Wishes to a bright, smart man, Mr. Donatelli.


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