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Happy New Year!!!!

First want to wish a great, fun, prosperous, Happy New Year 2009. May all your wishes get fulfilled this year.

Hope 2009 will bring some new innovations in the Information Technology and especially in the Storage Industry. With 2007 and 2008 being two great years overall for storage innovations, 2009 might prove to be a record one.

With the current state of economy and the overall freeze on capital spending, the big purchases will not happen, but in the SMB market, if the right products are offered with the right pricing along with technology solutions, it might just be the right recipe for success.

Hope we see a economic turn around in 2009, with that said, overall the market might still take couple of years to recover out of this mess……

Too late at night….signing off for today……

Some new year resolutions coming soon…………….with technology blogs.