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EMC Symmetrix Management Console


The Symmetrix Management Console is a very important step towards allowing customers take a control of their Symmetrix / DMX Disk Arrays. As much as it allows a customer to manage their Symmetrix / DMX, it allows them to duplicate devices when provisioning. Customers can manage up to 6 Symmetrix Systems all through a web interface.

Important Features of Symmetrix Management Console are

  • 1) Simplify day-to-day Symmetrix management with ease-of-use capabilities.
  • 2) It takes minutes to install. Windows environment running a Windows Server 2003 along with IIS would be the best choice.
  • 3) The interface the customers work on is a GUI that has the looks and feels of ECC and the Console also integrates with ECC.
  • 4) New systems configured and managed through the Symmetrix Management Console.
  • 5) The console gives the customer capabilities for Discovery, Configuration, Monitoring, Administration and Replication Management.
  • 6) Allows customer to setup ILM policies for Tiered Storage including Symmetrix Priority Controls, Dynamic cache partitioning, SRDF and Timefinder replication.
  • 7) Manages Access Control through iSCSI CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol) and RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in Service)
  • 8. Command line Generator for additional flexibility

Major strengths of Symmetrix Management Console are

  • 1) Management, Configuration, Administration of Symmetrix DMX.
  • 2) Dependable Local and remote replication management
  • 3) Robust information and system security

It is not a replacement to Symcli at this point but does make a SAN Admin’s provisioning and system management easy. It only allows configuration from a software level, will not allow perform any functions related to hardware changes (adding or replacing disk, adding or replacing FA’s, etc).

Symmetrix Management Console can be obtained from EMC Powerlink or through your account manager from EMC if you have an active contract in place with EMC for hardware/software maintenance or if your systems are under warranty.

Highly recommended management tool for SAN Admins and its free.