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My Absence……

I have been away from blogging late last week and this week. A ton of things going on at work. Before the 2 week long vacation season starts a lot to work to do for new business growth for next year.

Had a long day in Atlantic City today with Customer Training, very productive and will further help our expansion plans with this customer. In a larger picture it all adds up for future growth.

Customer Growth: It is really great to see what we plan to do today, the promises we keep up on and what we end up doing for our customers today can shape our future business with that customer.

Starting mid next week, have a ton of cousins coming over for Christmas, so I think my blogging activity will be down to minimum.

I do plan to write something up about EMC Permanent Spares, EMC Dynamic Sparing, EMC Symmetrix Management Console, EMC Optimizer and additions to Symmcli and Powerpath Commands, hopefully all of them this week if I can and if work permits.

It really feels like Christmas this week and hopefully next week too, seems like a lot of storage bloggers are enjoying the extended holidays and spending some quality time with their families.

Tomorrow have a very critical meeting with a big Storage Company in UK for further expansions in UK. With some existing business through them and looking for future growth, have to prepare and customize the presentation along with setting up a Demo.

Exciting times……………………