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Clariion CX, CX3, CX4 – Settings for Dailup PPP into the Clariion machines

To be able to setup the IP address, domain security, etc in many cases you have to Dailup into the Clariion SP using a PPP connection.

For dialing into the Clariion using Symmremote or any other remote dial in software, you will need to use the Dialup PPP connection first.

Please see below how to create the connection.

Control Panel
Phone and Modem Options
Under the Modems tab, click on Add
Don’t select my modem, i will select it from a list
The Add/Remove Hardware Wizard will open up, select Standard Modem Type
Under Models, Select Communications Cable between two computers
Select your port example, Com1, Com2 or if you are using USB based serial cable you might want to use Com6, Com7.

Now you need to Setup Dialup Networking

Control Panel
Network and Dialup Connections
Create a new Connection
Using the Network Connection Wizard, select Guest
Select the Communications between two computers
Com Port you just created or used above
You can create this for all the users
Name your connection
Under Modem Configurations, click on Maximum Speed and select 115200, Enable Hardware Flow Control
Under the networking tab, your PPP should appear select Type of dial-up server I am calling
Click Settings
Enable LCP Extensions
Enable software compression
Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
Click on Properties
Obtain IP address automatically
Obtain DNS Server address automatically
Under the Advanced Tab, Use IP header compression
Deselect Use Default Gateway on remote network

Happy Clariion DIALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!