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EMC Symmetrix and DMX Serial Numbers

You always wondered how EMC comes up with these serial numbers for your Symmetrix and DMX Machines.

If your machine serial number starts with HK (it means it was manufactured in Hopkinton, MA) and for most of the international customers if it starts with CK (it means it was manufactured in Cork, Ireland).

With the DMX Series of machines, EMC has introduced two new manufacturing centers (TN and SA).

There are still machines starting with HK and CK that will be shipped internationally and vice versa.

  • The serial number HK would always have a 1 following it.
  • The serial number CK would always have a 2 following it.
  • The serial number TN would always have a 2 following it.
  • The serial number SA would always have a 2 following it.

Here is the Symmetrix and DMX Serial Numbering Convention.

  • Symmetrix 3.0, 1/2 cabinet: HK18160xxxx
  • Symmetrix 3.0, 1 cabinet: HK18150xxxx
  • Symmetrix 3.0, 3 cabinet: HK18140xxxx
  • Symmetrix 4.0, 1/2 Cabinet: HK18260xxxx
  • Symmetrix 4.0, 1 cabinet: HK18250xxxx
  • Symmetrix 4.0, 3 cabinet: HK18240xxxx
  • Symmetrix 4.8, 1/2 cabinet: HK18360xxxx
  • Symmetrix 4.8, 1 cabinet: HK18350xxxx
  • Symmetrix 4.8, 3 cabinet: HK18370xxxx
  • Symmetrix 5.0, 1 cabinet: HK18450xxxx
  • Symmetrix 5.0, 3 cabinet: HK18470xxxx
  • Symmetrix 5.5, 1 cabinet: HK18550xxxx
  • Symmetrix 5.5, 3 cabinet: HK18570xxxx

The DMX Serial numbers still need more research because its hard to find a trend with the numbering convention on it.

  • DMX800: HK18790xxxx
  • DMX1000-S: HK18740xxxx
  • DMX1000-P: HK18746xxxx
  • DMX2000-S: HK18770xxxx
  • DMX2000-P: HK18776xxxx
  • DMX3000: HK18788xxxx
  • DMX3000-M2:HK18789xxxx
  • DMX3: HK19010xxxx
  • DMX4: HK19110xxxx

It is very important that you Service processor Serial Number is exactly similar to that of the Symmetrix / DMX Serial Number (As defined in the BIN FILE). If both these serial numbers are different, your basic symcfg discover commands will fail.

Your actual hardware Symmetrix / DMX Serial Number can still be different than the Serial number defined in the BIN file, since the BIN file serial number takes precedence.

The find your Symmetrix / DMX Serial Number look at the front and back of the Symmetrix on the top, the number should begin with HK or CK or TN or SA.

To find your Symmetrix / DMX Serial Number from the service processor, run E7,CF or you can also try to run symcfg discover or syminq from the service processor via SYMCLI located C:\Program Files\EMC\Symclibin. One option before running this, you can delete the file located on the service processor called symapi_db.bin located C:\Program Files\EMC\Symapidb. During the symcfg discover process, this file will be recreated. The logs if this operation fails can be found at C:\Program Files\EMC\Symapilog.

It is very important you do not change your Symmetrix / DMX Serial number since the FA WWN are determined using the last two digits of your actual Serial Number. If you change this, all the WWN’s will change causing your FA’s, Disk WWN etc to all change. As far as my knowledge, this can only be changed through a BIN FILE change.