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EMC Symmetrix – DMX Models by Cabinets Types

The below is the true breakdown of the type of the EMC Symmetrix and EMC DMX machines to the type of cabinet properties it has. 

Starting with the Symm 3.0’s EMC introduced a 1/2 Hieght cabinets, Single Full Cabinet and a 3 Cabinet machine. The same ideas went into the Symm 4.0 and 4.8. 

Starting the Symm 5.0 and into Symm 5.5, EMC introduced the Badger cabinets, which where much slimmer and about 5 ft in height, it was a disaster with those cabinets. Really no one bought it. 

Starting the DMX800’s and DMX1000’s which are the single cabinet, EMC introduced the DMX2000’s in 2 cabinets and DMX3000 in 3 cabinet style. 

Also if you ever wondered where those Symm modell numbers came from

1st Digit: 3 = Open Systems. 5 = Mainframe. 8 = Mixed.
2nd Digit: Related to Cabinet size, dependant on Generation’
3rd Digit: 00 = 5¼” Drives. 30 = 3½” Drives              

The DMX uses 31/2″ Fiber Drives

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