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Symcli Basic Commands

Following are the Symcli Commands

You can use the man pages for further info.

You can also use the option symxxx -h and will help you navigate around.

Most of the commands come in flavors of three as follows:

Reference Description Example
pd Physical device name /dev/dsk/c3t4d5
dev Symmetrix device name 0FF
ld Symmetrix logical device name DEV001

Examples are as follows:

1. symdev list
2. sympd list
3. symld -g ${group} list

Command Note
symdev Performs operations on a device given the Symmetrix device name.
sympd Performs operations on devices given the devices physical name (c2t0d0)
symgate Performs operations on gatekeeper devices.
symdg Performs operations on Symmetrix device groups
symld Performs operations on devices within a device group
symbcv Performs support operations on BCV pairs
symmir Performs control operations on BCV pairs
symrdf Performs control operations on RDF pairs
symcfg discover Creates a local database of the attached symmetricies.
syminq Shows internal & external devices that the host sees.