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Clariion CX Hardware Components

There are various Clariion Components associated with the full functionality of a Clariion CX Series machine.

Some of the very important components are highlighted below along with QTY’s per machine

SPS: Standby Power Supply (Battery) x 2
SPE: Storage Processor Enclosure x 1
SP: Service Processor x 2
PS: Power Supply for DPE x 2
Fan: Fan for DPE (primarily on CX600 and CX700) x 2
DAE: Disk Array Enclosure (varies per version of CX)
LCC: Link Control Card x 2 per DAE
PS: Power Supply for DAE x 2 per DAE
HSSDC: DAE Expansion Cables connect LCC together x 2 per DAE
Disk Drives:
36GB FC, 73GB FC, 146GB FC, 300GB FC, 250GB ATA, 320GB ATA x 15 per encl.

  • M_Anil

    What is SLIC in Clariion stand for, looking for more details on SLIC form factor

  • storagenerve

    They are the PCI-E cards that allow various different connectors from the clariion to the host, like the 4GB, 8GB, iSCSI and FCoE. they were introduced with the CX3 i believe…

  • satish

    when read cahe fail what happen