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EMC Hardware Products

Symmetrix: Classified as Enterprise level storage, mostly used for business critical tier 1 Applications. Supports mainframe environments, open systems and many other legacy host environments. Major competitors to the Symmetrix are HDS and HP XP’s. IBM ESS (Shark’s) at one time were considered a close match, but with the new technology and latest EMC acquisitions, EMC has taken the Symmetrix products to a new level.

DMX: An extension of Symmetrix. This platform is classified as Symmetrix DMX (Direct Matrix Architecture). EMC is one of the pioneers to bring Solid State Disk to the DMX4 Environments.

Clariion: Classfied as Tier 2 Storage. Used mostly with mid size businesses as backend storage or as backup devices at larger enterprises.

Disk Library (DL): Using a Falconstor front end and a Clariion Back End, EMC has designed a virtual tape library solution, that emulates tape devices and stores the data on disk drives (backups run at disk speed).

Connectrix: Using Brocade, Mcdata and Cisco switches, EMC has taken the Connectrix platform one level ahead integrating it with its SAN, NAS and CAS Environments.

Celerra: NAS (Network Attached Storage), mostly known as IP Storage. Used for backup applications, integrates NAS and ISCSI technologies.

Centera: CAS (Content Address Storage), used mostly in financial, utilities and medical fields to follow the Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA Compliance and Governance Requirements.

Avamar Data Store: Avamar Platform is primarily used with backup, recovery, data deduplication. A product still in its infancy with a lot more integration required.

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