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symapierr – Used to translate SYMAPI error code numbers into SYMAPI error messages.

– List records from a symmetrix audit log file.

– Perform BCV support operations on Symmetrix BCV devices.

– Discover or display Symmetrix configuration information. Refresh the host’s Symmetrix database file or remove Symmetrix info from the file. Can also
be used to view or release a ‘hanging’ Symmetrix exclusive lock.

– Monitor changes to Symmetrix devices or to logical objects stored on Symmetrix devices.

– Provides the version number and a brief description of the commands included in the Symmetrix Command Line

– Perform operations on a device given the device’s Symmetrix name. Can also be used to view Symmetrix device locks.

symdg – Perform operations on a device group (dg).

symdisk – Display information about the disks within a Symmetrix.

symdrv – List DRV devices on a Symmetrix.

symevent – Monitor or inspect the history of events within a Symmetri

symgate – Perform operations on a gatekeeper device.

symhost – Display host configuration information and performance statistics.

syminq – Issues a SCSI Inquiry command on one or all devices. Interface.

symlabel – Perform label support operations on a Symmetrix device.

symld – Perform operations on a device in a device group (dg).

symlmf – Registers SYMAPI license keys.

sympd – Perform operations on a device given the device’s physical name.

symstat – Display statistics information about a Symmetrix, a Director, a device group, or a device.

symreturn – Used for supplying return codes in pre-action and post-action script files.


symacl – Administer symmetrix access control information.

symauth – Administer symmetrix user authorization information.

symcg – Perform operations on an composite group (cg).

symchksum – Administer checksum checks when an Oracle database writes data files on Symmetrix devices.

symclone – Perform Clone control operations on a device group or on a device within the device group.

symconfigure – Perform modifications on the Symmetrix configuration.

symconnect – Setup or Modify Symmetrix Connection Security functionalit

symmask – Setup or Modify Symmetrix Device Masking functionality.

symmaskdb – Backup, Restore, Initialize or Show the contents of the device masking database.

symmir – Perform BCV control operations on a device group or on a device within the device group.

symoptmz – Perform Symmetrix Optimizer control operations.

symqos – Perform Quality of Service operations on Symmetrix Devices

symrdf – Perform RDF control operations on a device group or on a device within the device group.

symreplicate – Perform automated, consistent replication of data given a pre-configured SRDF/Timefinder setup.

symsnap – Perform Symmetrix Snap control operations on a device group or on devices in a device file.

symstar – Perform SRDF STAR management operations.

symrcopy – Perform Symmetrix Rcopy control operations on devices in a device file.

SYMCLI SRM(Mapping) Commands

symhostfs – Display information about a host File, Directory, or host File System.

symioctl – Send IO control commands to a specified application.

symlv – Display information about a volume in Logical Volume Group (vg).

sympart – Display partition information about a host device.

symrdb – Display information about a third-party Relational Database.

symrslv – Display detailed Logical to Physical mapping information about a logical object stored on Symmetrix devices.

symvg – Display information about a Logical Volume Group (vg).