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Vmworld 2009: Sunday 30th August – Day 0

August 31st, 2009 No comments

So Vmworld 2009 officially starts tomorrow (Monday).

Today was the day to socialize with folks, partners, some VMware folks, some EMC folks and tons of customers.

After a 6-hour flight this morning, got to San Francisco. Registration for Vmworld 2009 was open today, had a chance to catchup on the possible classes & labs to attend.

See some pictures of Vmworld 2009 here

Feel the heat as you enter the Vmworld North Building
Xsigo, Symmetrix V-Max, Cisco Nexus roaring and dispating heat

vmworld 2009

Cicso UCS Products


While walking around, found a rack of Cisco products with amber lights, may be some maintenance work going on it.

Cisco UCS 1

A Close look

Cisco UCS

The V-Max’s Proudly Standing

EMC Symmetrix V-Max

Then later in the day meet up with @edsai and went to the Thirsty Beers hosted by a bunch of Vendors including Nexanta, Veeam, and many more.

Had a chance to hookup with some familiar faces on twitter @jasonbouche @scott_lowe @duncanyb @vseanclark @rbrambley and many more. See the pictures from the Raffle sponsored by the vendors.

The Party

vmworld 2009 - thirsty beers party

Evan Powell – Nexanta, CEO

Evan Powell - Nexanta

Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe

Other Pictures




Took 10 more pictures, but seems like they are damaged and couldn’t upload it to the site. The Blackberry camera doesn’t work always….some other pictures includes those of @vseanclark @theronconrey @jtroyer, some veeam folks, etc.

Then later meet up with some EMC folks, specifically @davegraham and folks from @sakacc group.

Anyways stay tuned for Day 1 of Vmworld 2009 tomorrow with some technology post.

Vmworld 2009 – Twit Stream

August 29th, 2009 No comments

Stay tuned for all Vmworld 2009 Twits on StorageNerve Blog. You will see the twits updating realtime as things are happening at Vmworld 2009.

Please say tuned for all Vmworld 2009 updates on Tag VMWORLD 2009 including the latest blog posts.

Vmworld 2009: San Francisco

August 27th, 2009 No comments

So a pretty exciting week ahead, Vmworld 2009 begins on Monday. This is my first time at VMworld, and I am quite excited to attend.

We are working on some pretty cool technologies around Virtualization and Storage and would really like to understand and spend some quality time with the Vmware engineers understanding the new V-Sphere and other Clould – Virtualization services.

We get thrown in some very complicated implementations of virtualization both internally and externally (services to customers) and successful implement it or sometimes stumble and learn. This would be a good chance to talk to some very smart people in the industry to build contacts to reach out to and also talk to some Vmware engineering folks about some existing issues.

Also looking forward to hanging out with the fellow mates from Twitter and bloggers from the Virtualization – Storage Blogosphere, try to relate faces to the extraordinary news and blogging activity we see from all of them.

Looking forward to spend some time at the Expo (Solutions Gallery) talking to the exhibitors about the technology and services they provide in this vertical market space and how we can further leverage those to grow our technology solutions practice.

I will be accessible by twitter @StorageNerve at all times and also plan to blog on StorageNerve the entire event on a daily basis (time permitting). Looking forward to seeing a ton of people from the industry, various customers and fellow twitter mates….
To get the highlights of VMWorld 2009, visit StorageNerve everyday from the 30th August, 2009 through the 4th of September, 2009. Look for tag Vmworld-2009 ( on Posts.

Stay tuned for pictures, videos from Vmworld 2009.