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EMC Symmetrix V-Max: Supported drive types

June 25th, 2009 No comments

With the release of EMC Symmetrix V-Max systems, EMC introduced higher density EFD’s (Enterprise Flash Disks) than being supported on its predecessor, the EMC Symmetrix DMX-4.

Below are some stats related to the supported drive types on a Symmetrix V-Max system with 5874.123.104 microcode.

Possibly with introduction of FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) later in the year we will see an upgrade to the microcode family for the V-Max systems to 5976, also with that expect a much denser EFD support.

In the mean time we should atleast see some additional support for VSphere 4.0 (Vmware) in 2009 with 5875 family of microcode. With that we should see sort of a new concept of Federation with Symmetrix V-Max Systems where EMC might give some clues on how the 8 engine systems might be expanded into either 16 or 32 engine systems. A nice blog post by @edsai on the breathing data site.

The following size drives types are supported with Symmetrix V-Max Systems at the current microcode 5874: 146 GB, 200 GB, 300 GB, 400 GB, 450 GB, 1000 GB.

Drive Types, Rotational Speed and Formatted Capacity

146 GB FC Drive

Drive Speed: 15K

Open Systems Format Cap: 143.53 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 139.34 GB

300 GB FC Drive

Drive Speed: 15K

Open Systems Format Cap: 288.19 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 279.77 GB

400 GB FC Drive

Drive Speed: 10K

Open Systems Format Cap: 393.84 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 382.32 GB

450 GB FC Drive

Drive Speed: 15K

Open Systems Format Cap: 432.29 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 419.64 GB

1000 GB SATA II Drive

Drive Speed: 7.2K

Open Systems Format Cap: 984.81 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 956.02 GB

200 GB EFD

Drive Speed: Not Applicable

Open Systems Format Cap: 196.97 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 191.21 GB

400 GB EFD

Drive Speed: Not Applicable

Open Systems Format Cap: 393.84 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 382.33 GB

Support for 73GB and 146GB EFD’s have been dropped with the Symmetrix V-Max Systems, they will still be supported with the Symmetrix DMX-4 Systems which in addition to 73 GB and 146GB also supports 200GB and 400GB EFD’s.

EMC Symmetrix DMX device type, COVD: Cache Only Virtual Device

June 25th, 2009 No comments

On Twitter this morning we (@chrismevans@basraayman@davegraham) were discussing device type: COVD (Cache Only Virtual Device) on EMC Symmetrix DMX platform.

So here is some information on Cache Only Virtual Devices. I do not have a very clear picture on the overall operation of this device type, but from a high level it can be summed up as following based on it characteristics.

Starting with microcode 5670 on EMC Symmetrix DMX Systems, EMC introduced COVD (device types). We have seen instances of COVD on 5671, 5771 and 5772 microcodes, really unknown if they exist on EMC Symmetrix V-Max systems at this point.

Here are some highlights on COVD:

  • Even though COVD’s were introduced on the 5670 microcode, recommendation is to upgrade to 5671 on the R2 side of SRDF/A before implementing COVD’s.
  • Used with SRDF/A technology for caching data on R2 side.
  • Symconfigure will not allow (block) you to change SRDF/A group on R2 side for COVD devices. You will need a BIN File change for this process by the Customer Engineer.
  • COVD is a Virtual Device but does end up taking two device numbers within your list of Symmetrix device numbers (I believe 8192 device numbers are available on the early DMX’s).
  • If you are using COVD, your configured capacity might show more than your Raw Capacity in ECC and StorageScope.
  • COVD’s cannot be snapped using TImefinder
  • COVD’s can only be created and destroyed by BIN File (not through SYMCLI)
  • COVD is only found on R2 side of SRDF/A
  • Cache is used as part of creating the COVD
  • COVD’s are used in pairs, one is used for active SRDF/A cycle and 1 is used for inactive SRDF/A cycle
  • No Data is stored on COVD, used practically for caching
  • Primarily introduction of COVD was to reduce the write pending limits with SRDF/A

Haven’t really seen a lot of customers using COVD (device types). But sometimes during storage analysis of customer meta data reveals these device types since it is assigned a device number.

EMC World 2009: Day 2 (Tuesday – 05/19/2009)

May 20th, 2009 No comments

Alright…., wrapped up day 2 at EMC World 2009. Unfortunately no pictures or videos taken today.

To read about EMC World 2009: Day 0 (Sunday – 05/17/2009)

And about EMC World 2009: Day 1 (Monday – 05/18/2009)



Attended a partner luncheon and couple of sessions on V-Max in the morning and then a Clariion session in the afternoon. EMC bloggers lounge was quite crowded in the morning and as day progressed, activity faded. In the afternoon there was a photo session with of the blogging community, here is a link on Blog Stu (Sorry I am not in the picture….had to attend a session).

Solutions Pavilion was still the highlight of the day, with some heavy activity in there, quite a few blog post by Beth and Storagezilla on their take on some of the vertical market providers.

Got 60 mins of face time one on one with Greg Schulz (@storageio) and his views about data center optimization and some of his visions into the next tidal way after virtualization.

Also another 45 mins of chat with @stevetodd (Steve Todd) and his views into how the storage industry has shaped over the past 15 years.

These meetings are great, as much as I love attending the sessions; it is great to talk to the industry experts about their views.



Speeches by Mark Lewis (President, EMC Content Management and Archiving Division)

Howard Elias (President, EMC Global Services and Resource Management Software)

Frank Hauck (Executive Vice President, EMC Storage Division and Global Marketing and Customer Quality).










Look forward to some new blog posts on Gestalt IT and Storagenerve over the next week for some of our views on Clariion (SAN, NAS & CAS) platforms.


The Blogging Lounge

Busy morning at the EMC bloggers lounge.

Spotted: @storagenerve, @chrismevans, @edsai, @storageio, @stevetodd, @chuckhollis, @storagezilla, @stu, @davegraham, @chadsakac, @lendevanna, @gregorywhite, @jtablat, @basraayman, @davevallente, …..


The after Party

A dinner party with some EMCer’s and Bloggers tonight at Portfino Bay Restaurant, @stevetodd & his wife, @davidspencer, @edsai, @storagezilla


Highlights for Tomorrow

No more keynotes, only sessions….

Look for some technical data next week on some of the sessions I have attended related to V-Max, Clariion, etc.

EMC World 2009: Orlando

May 12th, 2009 2 comments

So a pretty exciting week ahead, EMC World 2009 begins with a Pre launch party on Sunday the 17th of May 2009. This is my first time at EMC World, and I am quite excited to attend.


We are working on some pretty cool technologies around Storage Optimization and other technology services and would really like to understand and spend some quality time with the EMC engineers understanding the new V-Max, CX-4’s and NSX products. Also looking forward to probably some working version of FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) as a beta product. Would like to understand how SMC (Symmetrix Management Console) version 7.0 will help customers automate and simplify Symmetrix management.


We get thrown into a lot of data migration services engagements and would like to see how the DMX-4’s (5773) and the V-Max systems (5874) will further enhance this process between various vendors. We might get a peek into SCA (Storage Configuration Analyzer) which was released yesterday and probably a peek into the next release of ECC (EMC Control Center).


Also looking forward to hanging out with the fellow mates from Twitter and bloggers from the Storage Blogosphere, try to relate faces to the extraordinary news and blogging activity we see from all of them. Also planning to hang out at the Bloggers Lounge: EMC World (Len Devanna’s Blog lists all the details).


Looking forward to spend some time at the Expo (Solutions Gallery) talking to the exhibitors about the technology and services they provide in this vertical market space and how we can further leverage those to grow our technology solutions practice.


I will be accessible by twitter @StorageNerve at all times and also plan to blog on StorageNerve the entire event on a daily basis (time permitting), if lucky and I win the flip camera from the EMC – ZDNet Bloggers Lounge will try to post pictures up there. Looking forward to seeing a ton of people from EMC, various customers, EMC and non EMC bloggers and fellow twitter mates….
To get the highlights of EMC World 2009, visit StorageNerve everyday from the 17th of May through the 21st of May 2009. Look for tag EMC World 2009 ( on Posts.


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