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Here are some Storage Basics for beginners.

8 Bits (0’s and 1’s) for a Byte (B)
1,000 Bytes form a Kilo Byte (KB)
1,000,000 Bytes form a Mega Byte (MB)
1,000,000,000 Bytes form a Giga Byte (GB)
1,000,000,000,000 Bytes form a Tera Byte (TB)
1,000,000,000,000,000 Bytes form a Peta Byte (PB)
1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bytes form a Exa Byte (XB)

Then comes Zetta Byte and Yotta Byte.

Normally, the accurate Kilo count is in chunks of 1,024 instead of 1000. We have left it simple and easy to learn in this case.

DMX Hardware Components

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Some of the important hardware components of a DMX Machine are

Disk Directors (DA)
Back End Disk Adapters
Channel Directors (CA, EA, FA, FA2, FI, GI)
Back End Channel Directors
Memory Cards
Power Module
ECM (Environmental Control Module),
CCM (Communication Control Module)
Disk Drives
Service Processor

Symmetrix Hardware Components

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There are various Components in a EMC Symmetrix series of machines.

To name a few

Disk Directors
Channel Directors (CA, FA, EA, FI, GI, FA2)
Memory Cards
Disk Drives
Power Supply
For 3 Bay cabinets (AC-DC PS and DC-DC PS)
Back End Disk Adapters
Back End Channel Adapters (CA, FA, EA, FI, GI, FA2)
Communication Card
EPO Module
Service Processor

Clariion CX Model Comparison

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The below is the information comparing various Clariion CX Series of machines. Comparison is along the lines of Performance, Host per Array, LUNS, Maximum Cache size, Drives per Array, Disk Type, Software and Host Support. 

Very good chart for a side by side comparison of these models.