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EMC World 2009: Day 0 – Sunday – 05/17/2009

May 17th, 2009 No comments

So EMC World 2009 got kicked off today with a big reception party with Gin Blossoms playing.

Early in the afternoon landed here at MCO (Orlando Airport). The plane was full of EMC’ers. Some I knew and some unknown faces.

Orlando weather is great, 90 degrees when landed, but very humid. At Hertz Rental Car, the folks upgraded my car to a 2010 Mustang , great car. Once arrived at the hotel, had to jump on a conference call for couple of hours with the folks to prepare for an upcoming meeting (tomorrow morning). Then at around 5PM headed to EMC World.



The registration was open between 4:30 and 8:30 PM. So it was great to see some known faces from twitter  (EMC’ers, partners, customers and independent bloggers). Had a chance to meetup with @Lendevanna, a very nice and approachable person. Len along with his team has done a phenomenal job to put the EMC Bloggers Lounge together with some great looking chairs, nice expresso coffee machine, some flat screen TV’s running live twits on it.

As you twit with #emcworld as a keyword, your twits will be tagged and shown up there live.

Next in the line saw @storagezilla, @stu, @storageanarchy, @davegraham.

One noticeable thing, all these guys are really down to earth when you are talking to them about technology and are really passionate about what they do for living. They are also very pro about the employer they work for (EMC), I guess nothing wrong in that.

Also met up with @chrismevans, @demartek and @edsai, great guys, very knowledgeable about storage and virtual technologies.

Also saw some of our customers, nice to see some of them after a year or so.

During the Gin Blossoms concert saw @stevetodd,  hope to spend some quality time with him tomorrow. Also had a few minutes of chat with @basraayman from SAP.

As we were leaving, saw @chuckhollis, as usual he is running around. Hopefully get to spend some time with him to understand some of stuff he has been putting up on his blog and where he envisions EMC going with those.


So today was just a reception party, no speakers were spotted, I am sure at the Rosen Plaza or the Peabody, we might be able to spot some Keynote speakers.



From left: Alex, Dennis (Wikibon), Storagezilla, Chris Evans outside the EMC Bloggers lounge



From Left: @stu, @edsai, @davegraham



The Gin Blossoms Concert


At Gin Blossoms Concert



At Gin Blossoms Concert



@Storagezilla has been taking some videos, we should see a peek into it over the next few days.

Hope you might see some videos and pictures tomorrow on the StorageNerve blog.



Didn’t see any exhibitors today, since the solutions pavilion opens up tomorrow at 5:30 PM.

Have a few exhibitors, I want to spend some time. You will see some additional details tomorrow.



So the buzz word at EMC World 2009 is V-Max Series. Every 3rd person walking around from EMC had a Symmetrix badge on. Over the next 4 days, EMC will emphasize a lot on the direction in which V-Max is going over the next couple of years.


The Blogging Lounge

@lendevenna, his team and ZDNET have done some great work to get the EMC Bloggers lounge setup. Please look out for the EMC Bloggers Lounge pictures tomorrow. Officially the lounge hasn’t been opened, but some great technology around it and hopefully we will see the extra mile EMC will go to take care of these independent bloggers.


The after Party

No after party for me today, headed back to the hotel, very tired after last night, as responded to a RFP, 130 questions. Writing this blog and then calling the day. Hope to connect with you all tomorrow.


Highlights for Tomorrow

So I have a meeting with a very large customer tomorrow morning and will not be able to make it to EMC World before 10:30 AM. But here are a few things I see important for tomorrow.

7:30 to 8:30: Breakfast

8:30 to 9:30: CX4 New Features

                           Advanced Report creation with Storagescope

                           Provisioning Symmetrix Storage for VMware

                           Symmetrix Performance and capacity panning with symmetrix

9:45 to 11:15: Keynote speakers Joe Tucci (CEO, EMC) and Paul Maritz (CEO, VMware).

12:30 to 2:45: Lunch

12:45 to 1:15: Sanpulse Demo/show in Theatre 2

3:00 to 4:00: Understanding new features of Enguinity 5874 for Symmetrix V-Max series

4:30 to 5:30: Documentum, Networker, RecoveryPoint, Centera, Avamar classes

5:30 to 7:30: Solutions Pavillion and hopefully dinner


Not sure when we will have time to hang around at the EMC bloggers lounge, but I am sure people will walk in and out of there frequently.


Let’s see if I win the Flip Camera at the EMC bloggers lounge tomorrow, more quality pictures to follow.


Oh and I forgot, got a IPOD Nano, 8GB for early registration……great device.

EMC World 2009: Orlando

May 12th, 2009 2 comments

So a pretty exciting week ahead, EMC World 2009 begins with a Pre launch party on Sunday the 17th of May 2009. This is my first time at EMC World, and I am quite excited to attend.


We are working on some pretty cool technologies around Storage Optimization and other technology services and would really like to understand and spend some quality time with the EMC engineers understanding the new V-Max, CX-4’s and NSX products. Also looking forward to probably some working version of FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) as a beta product. Would like to understand how SMC (Symmetrix Management Console) version 7.0 will help customers automate and simplify Symmetrix management.


We get thrown into a lot of data migration services engagements and would like to see how the DMX-4’s (5773) and the V-Max systems (5874) will further enhance this process between various vendors. We might get a peek into SCA (Storage Configuration Analyzer) which was released yesterday and probably a peek into the next release of ECC (EMC Control Center).


Also looking forward to hanging out with the fellow mates from Twitter and bloggers from the Storage Blogosphere, try to relate faces to the extraordinary news and blogging activity we see from all of them. Also planning to hang out at the Bloggers Lounge: EMC World (Len Devanna’s Blog lists all the details).


Looking forward to spend some time at the Expo (Solutions Gallery) talking to the exhibitors about the technology and services they provide in this vertical market space and how we can further leverage those to grow our technology solutions practice.


I will be accessible by twitter @StorageNerve at all times and also plan to blog on StorageNerve the entire event on a daily basis (time permitting), if lucky and I win the flip camera from the EMC – ZDNet Bloggers Lounge will try to post pictures up there. Looking forward to seeing a ton of people from EMC, various customers, EMC and non EMC bloggers and fellow twitter mates….
To get the highlights of EMC World 2009, visit StorageNerve everyday from the 17th of May through the 21st of May 2009. Look for tag EMC World 2009 ( on Posts.


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EMC Symmetrix V-Max Systems: FAST & VIRTUAL

A must read, blog post on FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) and the V-Max Technology at Gestalt IT. The post focuses on the current marketing efforts from EMC related to the V-Max technology, the current state of the technology and the vision behind this technology.

Vaulting on EMC Symmetrix V-Max Systems

May 6th, 2009 1 comment

In this blog post we will cover the Vaulting technology related to the EMC Symmetrix V-Max and the DMX-4 technology. Vaulting is a key feature added on DMX-3 series of machines, which was further extended into the DMX-4’s and now the Symmetrix V-Max Systems. With power outages or major power fluctuations or other critical environmental conditions (temperature, water, fire and environmental hazards) in data centers, the vaulting technology saves all the data during the shutdown of the machine offering additional safety features with the customer’s data in transit (channels, cache – memory, etc).


Vaulting wasn’t available on the Symmetrix 3, 5 & 8 series of machines neither on the DMX nor the DMX-2 technology. With those machines, as a power hit, power fluctuation or environmental issue would be sensed; the BBU (battery backup unit) power would kick in keeping the machine in an online state for 3 minutes. During this time, all the I/O to and from the host is aborted; anything sitting in the cache is de-staged and written to disk drives. At that point, the entire machine goes into a DD (dead) state leaving itself offline (powered on but non-operational) or turning itself off if it’s a power outage.


With the DMX-3, DMX-4 and V-Max systems, since the number of cabinets has expanded; it becomes crucial that the data be saved before the Symmetrix turns itself offline or off. The concept of BBU has now changed to SPS (Standby Power Supply) modules that are locally attached to DAE’s (in Storage cabinets) and also in the System bay, that will keep the Symmetrix running for 5 minutes. During this time, the Symmetrix cuts off all I/O from the host, then lets the cache in the machine sync for consistency and then de-stage all the data from the cache – memory to the vault drives.


With the DMX-4 and V-Max as the memory is mirrored, it copies all the mirrored memory data to vault drives, creating literary two copies of the same data. In the later part of the blog post we will discuss what the rules of vaulting are and how is this technology deployed within the customers EMC Symmetrix storage environment.


The official definition of vault operation as referenced by EMC is: The vault operation is triggered when the Symmetrix system is powered down or transitioned offline or when environmental conditions initiate a vault situation.


During a power up procedure after the shutdown (vaulting), the hardware initializes and restores all the data in the cache – memory from the vault drives which verifies its integrity. Before another vault operation can be initialized, the SPS (Standby Power Supply’s) will have to be charged, which might take hours.


EMC Hopkinton Manufacturing (remember those HK serial numbers, they stand for HopKinton)

The picture as published by Boston Globe


 To read the blog post on EMC Serial Numbers, please see here


 The following are the Vault requirements within the V-Max Systems 

  1. Each director pair (2 – odd / even) on the V-Max system will require 200GB of vault space, that is 40 x 5GB chucks of dedicated vault data space
  2. The vault drives are M1 devices with not Raid or mirroring protection
  3. The vault drive cannot to be used by any host and is reserved for the Symmetrix
  4. Vault drives cannot be configured by Timefinder/Snap, virtual or dynamic sparing
  5. The data space created by the vault drives will be almost equivalent to the size of the cache – memory installed on the machine
  6. As mentioned in the previous blog post on enterprise flash drives, EFD’s cannot be used for vaulting operations
  7. For permanent sparing, 5 vault drives per loop are essential.

    One Correction as pointed byBasRaayman@StorageNerve Regarding vaulting/EFD’s on #V-Max. According to @storageanarchy this can be requested via RPQ: See 

    As referenced by TSA on his site, I quote “……You cannot order a DS8K with only SSDs (both Symmetrix DMX-4 and V-Max can be RPQ’d as flash-only configurations, although using HDDs for vault drives is more cost-effective).”