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EMC World 2010: More Videos

May 19th, 2010 No comments

It was good to meet up with some friends at EMC World 2010, some new, some old, some that we talk to everyday on twitter, while some that we know but have never met.

Yea, EMC World totally turns out to be one of those places. Can’t even start counting how many people I ended up meeting, either at the conference, at sessions, at bloggers lounge, at EMC Party and at #storagebeers.

By the way, #storagebeers (US Version) was just awesome. The copyright of #storagebeers goes to Storagebod and this one was hosted by Bas Raayman.

Over 6 hours, more than 30 people showed up for #storagebeers, there was so much drinking….It started as #storagebeers, but ended as #storageyagers. Special thanks to @emcmonk. Great to have some from the vSpecialist Team (@daverdfw, @lynxbat, @edsai) join in for #storagebeers. There were so many more that joined….Gina Minks, Christina Weil, Chris (@StorageNinja), @Stu, Brian Rosenthal, @Texiwill, @wedittman, @nerdblurt, @storageanarchy, @johntroyer, @dailykat and so many more……honestly, cant recall names…


Here are some more videos from the show, some attendees sharing their EMC World 2010 experiences and some announcements.

Video 1 featuring

Luigi: @nerdblurt

Christopher Kusek: @cxi

Matt Davis: @techmute

Talking about their EMC World 2010 experiences and VPlex, Clariion Flash Cache and FCoE.


Bloggers – Luigi, Matt, Christopher from storagenerve on Vimeo.


Video 2 featuring: Ray Lucchesi: @raylucchesi

Talking about EMC World 2010, Bloggers Lounge and VPlex


Ray Lucchesi from storagenerve on Vimeo.


Video 3 featuring: Mark Twomey, @storagezilla

Talking about EMC World 2010, Social Media, VPlex


Storagezilla from storagenerve on Vimeo.


More videos coming soon…..




EMC World 2010: Len Devanna sharing social media experiences

May 18th, 2010 4 comments

So I met Len Devanna last year at EMC World in Orlando, FL. Len is the Director of Social Strategy at EMC.

Going to EMC World for the first time and being a new blogger in the storage industry I was kinda clueless as to what to expect at the show and what the Bloggers Lounge would look like. But beyond my expectations, Len and his team got the Bloggers and social media experts in one place and it was the Lounge. It was kool, it was hip, it was on the center of the floor and it turned out to be the hang out place for many in social media….

This year, it was a notch above, with a much larger lounge, more sitting space, expresso bar, live broadcasting on Silicon Angle and countless other things…

Here is a video of Len sharing his experiences at EMC World 2010 about the Bloggers Lounge, Social Media at EMC, Some advice for new Bloggers and Tweeps and Upcoming EMC World 2011.

Len Devanna at EMC World from storagenerve on Vimeo.

You can catch Len’s Blog here

You can follow Len on Twitter here


May 17th, 2010 No comments

The stack wars continue…..


VCE (Vmware – Cisco – EMC) or Virtualized Computing Environment was born back in Nov 2009. We have heard a lot about VBlocks in the Blogosphere, now the same technology is making it to major podcasts, social media live video streaming and significantly many customer discussions are focused around offering IT as a Service, which is enabled by the VBlocks.

Customers saw a vision and a story behind VBlocks and EMC’s initiative on the Private Cloud at EMC World 2010. Right before the conference, Michael Capellas took the reins at Acadia to run this joint venture majorly held by Cisco and EMC.  The Journey to the Private Cloud (the principle theme of EMC World 2010), which was based on VPLEX and VBLOCKS, the so-called next generation virtualized, mobilized, private cloudisized, efficiency driven data centers, brings the theme of data anywhere, anytime.

VBlocks can be best defined as an out of box, ready to deploy offering from VCE Alliance, also this alliance will offer IT based services around VBlocks deployment and orchestration.


Running at its core is virtualization (Vmware not HyperV) and there are 3 available versions in the market today

  • VBlock 0: UCS Blades, EMC Celerra, Cisco MDS Switches, Virtualized Environment
  • VBlock 1: UCS Blades, EMC Clariion CX4, Cisco MDS Switches, Virtualized Environment
  • VBlock 2: UCS Blades, EMC VMAX, Cisco Nexus Switches, Virtualized Environment

All these options now available with EMC VPLEX Local and VPLEX Metro.


The next generation VBlocks should be custom tailored solutions and not a preconfigured and prepackaged box (0, 1 and 2) like it is available today.

Is it about meeting customer requirements…..or pushing BLOCKS…..


VBlock from storagenerve on Vimeo (Video from EMC World 2010 at the VBlocks Booth).


Other stacks being build:

  • Following the footsteps HDS UCP, custom converged environment already announced and expected to be GA’ed later in the year.
  • Similarly HP Convergence offering includes HP Blades, HP EVAs, HP Virtual Connect with HyperV or Vmware Virtualized environment in the box.  This offering was much customized than a prepackaged solution.


Where is it going..

As much as we talk about the stack wars, we agree, we disagree; the truth is it is the platform of tomorrow given its advantages…

Its about manageability, usability, ease of deployment, easy serviceability, enablement of IT As A Service, one throat to choke, tested compatibility, single dashboard (ease of configuration and alerts – single pane of glass view), chargeback’s for IT Services and importantly high efficiency and ability to run defined workloads.

There are drawbacks to VBlocks and Seve…… may continue in a blog post some other time….


EMC World 2010: Keynotes and The Cube

May 17th, 2010 No comments

Incase you missed last weeks EMC World 2010 and the keynotes from various EMC Executive Management, you can catch it here on EMC’s official conference site.

Also during the entire show (May 10th through May 13th), John Furrier and Dave Vellante hosted The Cube (By Silicon Angle) at the bloggers lounge; you can catch-up live broadcasting (Videos) here.

Along with John and Dave, credits to Michael Sean Wright and Mark Hopkins of Silicon Angle for live broadcasting of the interviews.

Between the official EMC World 2010 keynotes and the after interviews on Silicon Angle, The Cube, you will feel you have got ever inch of details around EMC World 2010.

Though I will warn, the time factor… go through all of these.