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DMX Hardware Components

November 29th, 2008 No comments

Some of the important hardware components of a DMX Machine are

Disk Directors (DA)
Back End Disk Adapters
Channel Directors (CA, EA, FA, FA2, FI, GI)
Back End Channel Directors
Memory Cards
Power Module
ECM (Environmental Control Module),
CCM (Communication Control Module)
Disk Drives
Service Processor

Symmetrix Hardware Components

November 29th, 2008 No comments

There are various Components in a EMC Symmetrix series of machines.

To name a few

Disk Directors
Channel Directors (CA, FA, EA, FI, GI, FA2)
Memory Cards
Disk Drives
Power Supply
For 3 Bay cabinets (AC-DC PS and DC-DC PS)
Back End Disk Adapters
Back End Channel Adapters (CA, FA, EA, FI, GI, FA2)
Communication Card
EPO Module
Service Processor

Clariion CX Model Comparison

November 29th, 2008 No comments

The below is the information comparing various Clariion CX Series of machines. Comparison is along the lines of Performance, Host per Array, LUNS, Maximum Cache size, Drives per Array, Disk Type, Software and Host Support. 

Very good chart for a side by side comparison of these models. 

Clariion CX Hardware Components

November 28th, 2008 3 comments

There are various Clariion Components associated with the full functionality of a Clariion CX Series machine.

Some of the very important components are highlighted below along with QTY’s per machine

SPS: Standby Power Supply (Battery) x 2
SPE: Storage Processor Enclosure x 1
SP: Service Processor x 2
PS: Power Supply for DPE x 2
Fan: Fan for DPE (primarily on CX600 and CX700) x 2
DAE: Disk Array Enclosure (varies per version of CX)
LCC: Link Control Card x 2 per DAE
PS: Power Supply for DAE x 2 per DAE
HSSDC: DAE Expansion Cables connect LCC together x 2 per DAE
Disk Drives:
36GB FC, 73GB FC, 146GB FC, 300GB FC, 250GB ATA, 320GB ATA x 15 per encl.