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EMC Symmetrix V-Max: Supported drive types

June 25th, 2009 No comments

With the release of EMC Symmetrix V-Max systems, EMC introduced higher density EFD’s (Enterprise Flash Disks) than being supported on its predecessor, the EMC Symmetrix DMX-4.

Below are some stats related to the supported drive types on a Symmetrix V-Max system with 5874.123.104 microcode.

Possibly with introduction of FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) later in the year we will see an upgrade to the microcode family for the V-Max systems to 5976, also with that expect a much denser EFD support.

In the mean time we should atleast see some additional support for VSphere 4.0 (Vmware) in 2009 with 5875 family of microcode. With that we should see sort of a new concept of Federation with Symmetrix V-Max Systems where EMC might give some clues on how the 8 engine systems might be expanded into either 16 or 32 engine systems. A nice blog post by @edsai on the breathing data site.

The following size drives types are supported with Symmetrix V-Max Systems at the current microcode 5874: 146 GB, 200 GB, 300 GB, 400 GB, 450 GB, 1000 GB.

Drive Types, Rotational Speed and Formatted Capacity

146 GB FC Drive

Drive Speed: 15K

Open Systems Format Cap: 143.53 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 139.34 GB

300 GB FC Drive

Drive Speed: 15K

Open Systems Format Cap: 288.19 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 279.77 GB

400 GB FC Drive

Drive Speed: 10K

Open Systems Format Cap: 393.84 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 382.32 GB

450 GB FC Drive

Drive Speed: 15K

Open Systems Format Cap: 432.29 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 419.64 GB

1000 GB SATA II Drive

Drive Speed: 7.2K

Open Systems Format Cap: 984.81 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 956.02 GB

200 GB EFD

Drive Speed: Not Applicable

Open Systems Format Cap: 196.97 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 191.21 GB

400 GB EFD

Drive Speed: Not Applicable

Open Systems Format Cap: 393.84 GB

Mainframe Format Cap: 382.33 GB

Support for 73GB and 146GB EFD’s have been dropped with the Symmetrix V-Max Systems, they will still be supported with the Symmetrix DMX-4 Systems which in addition to 73 GB and 146GB also supports 200GB and 400GB EFD’s.

EMC Symmetrix DMX device type, COVD: Cache Only Virtual Device

June 25th, 2009 No comments

On Twitter this morning we (@chrismevans@basraayman@davegraham) were discussing device type: COVD (Cache Only Virtual Device) on EMC Symmetrix DMX platform.

So here is some information on Cache Only Virtual Devices. I do not have a very clear picture on the overall operation of this device type, but from a high level it can be summed up as following based on it characteristics.

Starting with microcode 5670 on EMC Symmetrix DMX Systems, EMC introduced COVD (device types). We have seen instances of COVD on 5671, 5771 and 5772 microcodes, really unknown if they exist on EMC Symmetrix V-Max systems at this point.

Here are some highlights on COVD:

  • Even though COVD’s were introduced on the 5670 microcode, recommendation is to upgrade to 5671 on the R2 side of SRDF/A before implementing COVD’s.
  • Used with SRDF/A technology for caching data on R2 side.
  • Symconfigure will not allow (block) you to change SRDF/A group on R2 side for COVD devices. You will need a BIN File change for this process by the Customer Engineer.
  • COVD is a Virtual Device but does end up taking two device numbers within your list of Symmetrix device numbers (I believe 8192 device numbers are available on the early DMX’s).
  • If you are using COVD, your configured capacity might show more than your Raw Capacity in ECC and StorageScope.
  • COVD’s cannot be snapped using TImefinder
  • COVD’s can only be created and destroyed by BIN File (not through SYMCLI)
  • COVD is only found on R2 side of SRDF/A
  • Cache is used as part of creating the COVD
  • COVD’s are used in pairs, one is used for active SRDF/A cycle and 1 is used for inactive SRDF/A cycle
  • No Data is stored on COVD, used practically for caching
  • Primarily introduction of COVD was to reduce the write pending limits with SRDF/A

Haven’t really seen a lot of customers using COVD (device types). But sometimes during storage analysis of customer meta data reveals these device types since it is assigned a device number.

Storage Professionals Group on LinkedIn

May 26th, 2009 2 comments



So the Storage Professionals Group started as storage, virtualization networking group on LinkedIn about a year and a half ago. Over this year, the group has grown phenomenally and has just surpassed 5000 members.

It did take about 12 months to grow to 2000 members but the last 3000 members came in over the past 4 months. As the economic challenges continue, people rely on social / professional networking sites to promote their public profiles and get involved in social networking groups to hunt for new opportunities.

Storage Professionals is a group of 5000+ members with strong storage, virtualization backgrounds. As we all know these days, part of every person’s resume is a link to their public profile (LinkedIn), a blog address and possibly addresses to publically connect to them.  

The Storage Professionals Group is growing at an average of 30-40 members a day.

These social media groups open up opportunities to network with all the group members, without having a connection to them. In short, if you are looking to connect / email to any of the members, it’s an open door to do so.

Please read the group details below.  


To Join the Storage Professionals Group:


Storage Professionals Group Description:

Group of Data Storage Professionals – SAN, NAS, CAS, DASD, Cloud Optimized Storage (Cloud Computing), Virtualization that follow trends and products from leading manufacturers like EMC, HDS (Hitachi), HP, NetApp, 3Par, Data Domain, Pillar Data, VMware, Citrix for Service, Support, Product Features, Networking, Jobs, Message Board, Discussions, Blogs. Storage Engineers, Storage Architects, Datacenter Managers, SAN Implementation Specialist, Storage Managers join to discuss issues and projects related to Storage. If you are certified on EMC, VMware, HP, HDS (Hitachi), NetApp or are an Industry leader or visionary please feel free to join this group.

Group Discussions:


Over the past 7 days:

21 New News Articles

38 New Discussions

250+ New Members


Group News:


Job Board:

More than 50 Job postings over the past 7 days


To Network with the 5000+ Group Members:


To connect to me on LinkedIn:


With this group we are currently looking for active members to be group managers that would promote various activities within the group. If you are an individual and would like to explore this, please feel free to email us at devang @ storagenerve . com

Happy LinkedIn’g!!!!

EMC World 2009: Day 3 (Wednesday – 05/20/2009) – The 72 Hour effect

May 21st, 2009 No comments

To read about my previous blog post on EMC World 2009, please follow the links below.

To read about EMC World 2009: Day 0 (Sunday – 05/17/2009)

And about EMC World 2009: Day 1 (Monday – 05/18/2009)

And about EMC World 2009: Day 2 (Tuesday – 05/19/2009)

So really today was the last day at EMC World. All the TC’s, sales and marketing folks headed back. Things were busy in the morning and started dying down as the day progressed. Today’s day was primarily focused on sessions, there were no keynotes.

So I guess everyone has heard about the 72 hour effect. You walk into a conference and for the next 72 hours the OEM will just keep on pumping information about them, their products, and their services, etc, etc.  People from these conferences go back home with tons of gifts and other collectible items. They leave with an agenda to go back and change their entire infrastructure (add new software, add new hardware, correct wrong things, etc, etc), but are they successful.

The question is what have you got from this conference, was it useful for you? As Frank Hauck said in a keynote, before you go back make a list of 5 important things you want to accomplish and try to achieve it in the possible shortest duration.  

I have been to some other conferences and they haven’t been as attractive as this EMC conference. But then I have also been to some Microsoft Conferences, and they just hammer you with all the MS products, so by the time you go back, you just feel you want to change every OS in your environment and every application in your environment with MS products……but again every OEM has a different agenda with these conferences.

What did you think about this EMC conference (EMC World 2009) if you attended, or heard about it on Twitter?



Quite a few good sessions today, attended several of them related to CX4, V-Max and FCOE. Also a ton of customers and EMC’ers turned around for the test for the bone marrow (DNA test). There was a short form to fill out and some swabs to be taken, but relatively a very short process. Please read the blog post about Nick from EMC and his battle with leukemia.



No keynotes today….



No Pictures today, but it was a rainy day, I don’t think I have seen 4 days of continuous heavy rains ever…may be I am wrong.



Sorry didn’t use my flip camera today…

Also look for some interesting blog post on EMC World 2009 on StorageNerve, hopefully later this week.



The solutions pavilion was also open today for almost half a day. Hope you had a good change to cover most of the vendors.



More Technology blogs coming up on and You might see some collobration going on with some Gestaltit Writers on some common topics. 


The Blogging Lounge

The blogging lounge was full today, but everyone just looked so much tired. I think the 72 hour effect is true here as well. You can drink as much as you want every night, you can stay up at the bar hanging out until 2 or 3 am in the morning, but it’s just matter of time, it will catch-up with you.

At the blogging lounge we had @storagenerve, @edsai, @storageio, @storagedc, @storagezilla, @thestorageanarchy, @stu, @levdevenna, @davegraham, etc.

Had some good discussions with @edsai and @storageio. Also one on one discussion with @stroagedc.


The after Party

So EMC appreciation party was today at Universal Studios. It was a great place to be, but as you know it was raining pretty hard when we all got there. Everyone walking around with their ponchos on and soaked clothes and shoes.

Along with Merrick (no twitter account), @edsai and @storagezilla, went to a few rides, it was good. Had some food at an international food place and then a mojito party at the Rosen Center hotel.


Highlights for Tomorrow

There are a few courses on Documentum, Avamar, and Recoverypoint tomorrow.

EMC World 2009 comes to an end tomorrow. Most or all the folks will be heading back tomorrow. If you are in the FL area and are traveling, please have a safe flight home.