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GestaltIT Tech Field Day 2: Pictures

April 13th, 2010 1 comment

Here are a few pictures from GestaltIT Tech Field Day 2 in Boston, MA. (The best photo)!/pages/GestaltIT-Tech-Field-Day/209874166186?v=photos


GestaltIT Tech Field Day 2010: VBlocks Presentation

April 13th, 2010 No comments

This was surely the most debated discussion – presentation at the GestaltIT Tech Field Day 2010 in Boston, MA. Both the rock stars from the VCE team (Scott Lowe and Ed Saipetch) did the presentation and did an amazing job presenting on this topic.

Though I see a lot of value with the whole concept of VBlocks (VCE) towards the journey to the private cloud and means to compete with the Oracle’s, Dell’s, IBM’s and HP’s of the world, many in the crowd did not buy into this and thought was more of a marketing package without the necessary meat in it….

I am composing a post on VCE – Vblocks for release later this week, where will highlight many pros and cons of this technology based on what we heard and where we see the Vblocks architecture going.

Asked this same question to both Cisco and EMC during the UCS and VBlocks presentation as to how many customers are running UCS and VBlocks in production environments today, unfortunately got no answers. Three large customers I know of today, are practically using it in pre-production / test / development environments.

Here is the reaction from twitterville during and after this presentation.

Download in PDF Format..


Vblock Presentation at Tech Field Day from storagenerve on Vimeo.

GestaltIT Tech Field Day 2010: Twitter Archives of all the action

April 12th, 2010 1 comment

Here is the #techfieldday (hashtag) on Twitter broken down based on activity dates. An archive of all activity on Twitter during the Tech Field Day on the 8th and 9th of April.

Archives available to download, with Pre-Event Tweets, Day 1 Tweets, Day 2 Tweets and Post Event Tweets.

GestaltIT Tech Field Day (Post Event)

GestaltIT Tech Field Day (2nd Day)

GestaltIT Tech Field Day (1st Day)

GestaltIT Tech Field Day (Pre Event)

Feel free to download the links (in PDF Format)


GestaltIT Tech Field Day 2010: EMC – Vmware Vision

April 12th, 2010 No comments

The presentation on EMC – Vmware Vision was done by EMC – Chad Sakac, VP Vmware Alliance at EMC. Here Chad covers the issues around Storage efficiency, management, capacity and performance.

There was a 20 min piece where the cameras were turned off since the information is on embargo. Stay tuned related to that information later in the year. There is also some information that Chad discusses related to some new technology announcements from EMC and Vmware in the near future, product demostration, etc.

There were 15 delegates in the room from GestaltIT and around 12 to 15 from EMC including Barry Burke, Steve Todd, Chad Sakac, Rob Callary, Nick Weaver, Ed Saipetch, Gina Minks, Stu Miniman and many more.

EMC VCE Vision, Chad Sakac from storagenerve on Vimeo.