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July 28th, 2009 No comments

An Open invitation for a blog post on StorageNerve Blog

Hello All Readers,

As the topic of this blog post states, I am extending an open invitation to you to write a blog post on the StorageNerve Blog at

Here are a few requirements related to the guest blog post

  1. Topics of discussion could be around Storage, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Technology Analysis or explaining differences between technologies.
  2. No negative comments about any manufacturer
  3. Minimum 1 page, maximum 5 pages
  4. Article shouldn’t be posted on any other sites
  5. You can be an independent, or work for a partner, or be a consultant, or already have a blog or work for a manufacturer and still contribute as a guest blogger.

Along with the blog post we can include a picture on the related post referencing you as a Guest Blogger. Other important contact information like name, email address and any social media signatures will be included as well.

If this were something you would like to do, please feel free to email me at devang @ or send me a DM on Twitter @storagenerve.

Cheers, @storagenerve

15 Most Popular post of all time on StorageNerve Blog

July 27th, 2009 No comments

A year in the making, here are the blog post of Year 1 based on most hits.

You might find some blog post interesting and relevant. This is all or mostly just technical info, so it shouldn’t be stale by now.

EMC Clariion FLARE Code Operating Environment

Clariion Basics: DAE, DPE, SPE, Drives, Naming Conventions and Backend Architecture

EMC Symmetrix / DMX SRDF Setup

Dave Donatelli’s departure and what is next?

EMC Symmetrix DMX-4 and Symmetrix V-Max: Basic Differences

Clariion SPCollects for CX, CX3, CX4

Hitachi’s (HDS) RAID 6

EMC Symmetrix Enginuity Operating Environment

The Who’s Who of Storage Blogosphere

EMC Symmetrix Management Console (SMC – For Symmetrix V-Max Systems)

Storage Resource Analysis (SRA): Part 7

EMC Symmetrix V-Max: Enginuity 5874

Administrative Post and some Symmetrix V-Max discussions

NetApp’s RAID-DP (Enhanced RAID 6)

Clariion Cache: Page Size

Cheers, @storagenerve

StorageNerve: Approaching the end of Year One

July 19th, 2009 No comments

Next Monday, the 27th of July will mark one year in the making of StorageNerve Blog.

Over the next 2 weeks, stay tuned in daily to read a new blog post on Storage Technology. Next Monday you will be able to read a blog post on topics we covered over the past year and a vision into the 2nd year giving the readers a view into what to expect next.

Hope you as a reader, implementer of storage technology has found the StorageNerve Blog interesting and useful.

Over the next 2 weeks, if you would like to read any specific topics related to storage technology, please feel free to leave a comment and I will try to do the best to write about those technologies.

Goodluck and Enjoy reading, stay tuned for the next two weeks for a lot of new info…

Twitter is Down?? (06/16/2009 5:30 PM)

June 16th, 2009 No comments

Is Twitter Down right now???

How do i communicate to the rest of the world???

Never thought a software program would open up doors to talk to everyone, anywhere, anytime through this simple but intelligent concept of twittering….

Hope we are back up soon…….