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Jobs Section

August 12th, 2009 No comments

A request came in from a user to send a broadcast to all Storagenerve blog readers and LinkedIn Storage Professionals Group for two immediate Storage opportunities, so I have decided to start a small Jobs Section on the StorageNerve Blog.

The Jobs tab is located on the top menu. For now, since there are only a limited job opportunities, I have just created a dedicated jobs page and included the job listing in there. If there are more opportunities that come in, I might decide to include a jobs board on the StorageNerve Blog.

Please visit the Jobs section regularly to see any new Storage related job postings.

Cheers, @storagenerve

Register & Vote on Storage Monkeys!!

August 11th, 2009 No comments

If you have not already noticed, there is a poll on Storage Monkeys, to select the Top 10 Non Vendor Storage Blogs!!

You will need to register (using your email address, name, etc) to cast your vote. The poll closes on Friday the 14th of August, 2009.

Registration Link:


StorageNerve Blog is a nominated Blog in the poll; if you consider this blog has provided you good information, please consider your one precious vote to the StorageNerve Blog.

There are some great fellow bloggers who have contributed to the Storage Industry and deserve the recognition, so please consider voting for them as well.

Cheers, @storagenerve

New Updated Blogroll

July 31st, 2009 No comments

So as discussed earlier in the Blogroll Update blog post, here is the new StorageNerve Blogroll.

These are based on 3 primary classifications: Storage Blogs, Virtualization Blogs and Analyst Blogs

Along with the links below, the Blogroll is also located on the left sidebar.

Storage Blogs

Barry Whyte

Chris Kranz

Chuck Hollis

Dave Graham

David Merrill

Hu Yoshida

Ruptured Monkey

Storage Anarchist

Storage Architect


Virtualization Blogs

Virtual Geek

Scott Lowe

Yellow Bricks

Analyst Blogs

Steve Duplessie

Stephen Foskett



Hope some of the blogs mentioned here, give a link back to the StorageNerve Blog.

Some readers may or may not agree with this classification, neither with all the blogs in those classifications.

Cheers, @storagenerve

Blogroll Update

July 28th, 2009 No comments

Over the past year, I have included some great reading links on my Blogroll.

Primarily the blogroll was divided into OEM and Non-OEM blogs. I do not think that classification stands true anymore.

Going forward, I will be implementing a new strategy. Will have 3 different blogrolls: Storage Blogs, Virtualization Blogs and Analyst Blogs.

The StorageNerve Blogroll will primarily only consist of blogs that are focused on technology, only in very exceptional cases, will I have a link on the blogroll that is for a non-technical blog.

I am not singling out any marketing blogs or any non-technology focused blogs, but really want to try to focus StorageNerve over the next year to primarily be a technology-focused blog.

A new Blogroll will be located on the left of the page, please check the Blogroll on 31st of July, 2009 for updates.

Cheers, @storagenerve