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Administrative Post: New Sections added to the Blog

December 4th, 2009 1 comment

Technology Deepdive

Technology Deepdive

A brief administrative post with no technology discussion.

As an update to the blog, now have added several new sections for better search and classification of posts.


Events: Event related posts.


Categories and Tags: Posts based on Technology and Category


Deepdive: A deepdive section has now been added to the Blog with easy access to technology talk related to a certain topic.

For now there are 3 items listed on the menu: RAID6, EMC and Data Robotics. These topics are the most covered topics so far with a lot of technology talk around it.
RAID6 deepdive is focused on technology implementation of RAID6 by various manufacturers.

EMC Deepdive is broken into three sections: Symmetrix, Clariion and FAST.

While Data Robotics covers Drobo.


Videos: The videos section is an ongoing work to add more videos as they are produced.


Downloads: Will include access to some White Papers and Tools for Storage, Virtualization and Networking.


More content is being added to menu items as an ongoing effort.  Several other sections are being planned and populated for more Storage and Virtualization links to other blogs, tools, news, technologies, groups, communities, etc.

Hope you find this information useful. Hope the Storage Technologist, Admins, Consultants like the deepdive section, where they will be able to read about a certain technology with very easy access.

Thank you for reading the blog.



GestaltIT Techfieldday 2009: Post 11 (The Fun Day)

November 19th, 2009 2 comments

After two long exciting and exhausting days, the GestaltIT Techfieldday 2009 officially came to an end.

Today, we were all by ourselves, but the game plan was to go visit SFO downtown.

Left the hotel at around 9 AM to head towards SFO. We were all exhausted from the past two busy busy days, but today was one of those relaxing early mornings. Enjoyed sipping coffee and having breakfast as we were not rushing.

In the car we had Nigel Poulton, Chris Evans, Simon Seagrave, John Hickson, Rodney Haywood, Bas Raayman, Ed Saipetch and myself. We dropped John Hickson at the airport and continued towards SFO downtown. Plan was to walk around, shop, see places and get tired again.

After we checked in the hotel, loaded everyone’s luggage, we started to walk around the SFO downtown area, including places like the Union Square and then ended up walking into an Apple store. We played around with the 27 inch apple monitors, the new iPhone 3GS, mac mini and learned how to use several different keyboard shortcuts on the Mac.

I have to honestly say, I love my MacBookPro, but even after owning one for 4 months now, I realized there was so much to learn from the Apple Technical Consultant showing kool things on the Mac.

Then we took a cab ride to Pier 39, from where you can clearly see Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and the famous San Francisco seals. The cab driver knew we were new in the area, he probably made circles before bringing us to the destination, we ended up paying double the amount to this cab driver than the other guys did from the same place.

Had some nice food at the restaurant and than we started walking into some shops around the pier.

Did you know if you buy a knife you cannot loiter around, you have to keep walking or its a criminal offense to loiter, we just found that out at the local knife store.

We then walked into a SPY shop and learned a lesson on lock picking by Bas Raayman. This was a very interesting shop and had tons of spying tools. After walking around the Pier 39 area, we made it to a local bar!!! Called the Buena Vista, where they say, the IRISH coffee was invented. It was just so crowded there, no place to sit and enjoy a Irish coffee.

There is something about San Francisco, though I have only been there 3 or may be 4 times, I really like the city, its happening, lots of places to see, lots of things to do, weather is typically been okay, food is good, the bay area is the Technology hub, so many geeks around, Golden Gate Bridge is awesome and the list goes on…

Then we hopped on the Tram to come back to Union Square and started walking back to the hotel. On the way, we at least went in 5 to 7 different stores like Tumi, MontBlanc and many more. And every time we would walk into one, someone would buy something before we walk out of there.

Finally we made it to a bar and that’s where we sat had couple of drinks (may be some of us were drinking water and ice).

Somehow the discussion went into V-Max, which Nigel recorded here.

Finally we made it back to the hotel. Myself and Rodney picked the luggage and started heading back to the airport. Rodney had a long 14 hour flight back to Sydney and I was flying red eye back to NJ.

Made it to the airport on time, caught up on some emails, tweets and blog reading and finally boarded the plane.

It was great to hang out with everyone at the GestaltIT Techfieldday 2009, there is just so much to learn from everyone and so much to share with everyone. I absolutely love these events when you put 15 people in a room and you let them share, collaborate, discuss and come up with new ideas on technology.

I am personally seeing so much value out of these events, though I see the vendors and sponsors possible get a much larger exposure from these events. Its a marketing nirvana, by the time the event is done and the postmortem is finished. People just write, talk, tweet and discuss so much about these vendors and their technology that possibly opens up as a venue for people around the world to grasp and grab all the outflowing information, which may invisibly still convert into dollars and market reputation.

Landed back in NJ early morning for a warm breakfast…and the GestaltIT Techfieldday finally came to an end for me.

So starting next week, I will do some deepdive sessions on what we learnt at the Techfieldday.

Stay Tuned !!!

New looks and feel, revamped

November 8th, 2009 No comments

After a month of research, trying new themes, testing, kicking off new ideas, implementation, more testing and some programming, the blog site now has a new look and feel.

Over the past one year, since Jan 11th 2009, when I registered the domain name, the site has gone through at least 2 different themes.

The blog has been revamped with new technology, new theme, plug-ins, widgets, scripts, content, pages, videos, pictures, etc. The idea with the blog is to give it a clean look, non-cumbersome, use standard colors, give the reader a simplistic way to go to content that’s either hidden in archives or only available through tags.

A new Google custom search engine is now implemented, new drop down menu’s, a favicon, condensed logos, translation available in 42 languages (which seems to be pretty precise), a new self updating live twitter grid with StorageNerve twits and mentions. With merely 7 widgets, a new theme and 27 plug-ins, the response times on the blog looks pretty amazing.

The project to upgrade started about 24 days ago, with setting up a test site and implementing some premium and modified themes. Though after going through a selection of 4 themes, I settled with the current one. Had to create a lot of new pages in wordpress, though these pages will be static (not delivered through feeds), I will be populating them with all the necessary content in the coming weeks.

There are quite a few empty pages up on the site currently, but as content is published on it, I will push out a blog post letting the readership know about the content through feeds and through twitter.  There are some sections of the blog that will be published over the next week or two, while some make still take time.


The new logo for Storagenerve is being designed and should be available early next week. Because of the GestaltIT Techfieldday 2009 coming up this week, I have decided to pre-release the new site for added visibility. The feedburner and wordpress feeds will remain unchanged.

Also check the “events” menu to keep a track of all the activity happening during this coming week at GestaltIT TechFieldDay 2009.

If there is anything I can do to improvise on the blog, please feel free to either leave a comment or shoot me a quick email.

For all non-Wordpress users: I have personally used the Blogger platform (Google) than Typepad and then WordPress.

Though I have to say the possibilities are limitless with WordPress.

Your comments always welcome.

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Year One and going

November 3rd, 2009 No comments

Today marks the 1st anniversary of the StorageNerve Blog.

I never thought blogging would come so far. Lots of persistence, reading, writing, vision, sacrifice of those nice weekends all combined together is the end result.

Major topics over the past year

The StorageNerve blog is primarily focused on Storage Technology. Major discussions have been around EMC Clariion, Symmetrix, Celerra, layered Software, management, RAID-6 technology as it relates to EMC, HDS, NetApp, HP, lots of writing on Symmetrix V-Max and a 9 series blog post on Storage Resource Analysis as it fits within Storage Economics. A total of post about 140 blog post.

Core Values

The Core value of StorageNerve blog has been around technology. Also this blog favors technology and not manufacturers.

StorageNerve Brand

So over the past year, with tons of writing, reading it has been a great learning experience for me, which does help promote the StorageNerve Brand. As life progresses, people move on to new positions and new challenges and I sure would like to position this brand in a similar way.

Why do you Blog?

Well this is a question I get asked a lot from my co-workers, other people I know in the industry.

Truly and Truly, I have enjoyed every moment of it and that is why the commitment for future post stays very high.

The StorageNerve brand and blog has allowed me to build new industry contacts, meet new people, accessibility to tons of industry experts and analyst, contacts with fellow bloggers, manufacturers, the list is non ending. In this past year, through the StorageNerve blog, I have been able to talk one on one with atleast 5 different CEO’s of Storage related companies. Quite a few one on one meetings with industry leaders and technologist with similar background.

Then came along and it is a great pleasure to work with folks highly recognized in the industry to collaborate on post and understand views related to other technologies. Then later this year I was approached by to write news articles for them as it relates to Storage Technology, though I haven’t written anything for them yet, I do plan to try something out.

Another opportunity came along to have one on one sessions with investment firms.  Focus of these sessions are towards Storage, Storage products, Storage technologies, Storage manufacturers and a Storage vision, that they take back to their end users.

I am truly waiting for the next big opportunity to happen through the StorageNerve blog.

The Stats

I know this means nothing, but being a technology-focused blog, I see tons of advantages as it relates to storage keywords searches.

The hits on the StorageNerve Blog have surpassed my expectations; I never thought it would go so far in the first year.

Topics over the next year

So year 2 is important rather very important. You will see some HDS technology posts, NetApp technology posts and Emerging technology posts. Users will get to read some post on Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Storage Economics.


Hope you enjoyed reading StorageNerve blog over the past year. Hope you keep reading it for the next year and find the articles interesting.

On the StorageNerve blog, I have been posting new articles for the past 5 days and for the next 5 days to come. Stay tuned for the next blog post to see some additional changes and some invitations forthcoming.

Please feel free to leave comments or email me at devang @

Cheers, @storagenerve