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Going Dormant for a few days…..

January 29th, 2009 No comments

Very hectic first three days of this week with a lot of issues going on at work, quite a few escalations, customer meetings, etc. Also working on a Business Plan for some new services we plan to offer over the next 3 months. Have meetings scheduled both today and Friday, so will have to go to the office for those. Initially was thinking may be work from home office and try to finish the business plan before the weekend.

Also this and next week is an agenda to finalize some of our marketing literature, so have some discussions setup with the marketing teams about it. Have to prepare for a sales kickoff meeting for the 2nd week of Feb. Working on finalizing the lab for our Solutions Group with EMC, Hitachi, NetApp and some HP, Sun and Wintel host, along with running the SRA Solution (Chris Evans – aka Storage Architect posted a blog earlier yesterday).

We have just signed up a deal with to be their partners in US for Storage Resource Analysis (SRA) and plan to launch it to our existing and potential new Storage Customers as a SRM solution. Business is great these days, both growth and the revenue goals are being hit, but I do expect 2009 to be a challenging year.

If time permits this weekend want to work on an upcoming Blog or Blogs about EMC’s RAID 6 (Clariion and Symmetrix DMX), NetApp’s RAID DP and Hitachi’s RAID 6. Plan to probably write independent overviews about all these different platforms and the use of RAID 6. Also plan to give a comparison of this technology across multiple platforms.

To kind of accomplish that, will have to stay away from Linkedin, Twitter (StorageNerve) and Facebook for a few days. I do plan to assign some of the responsibilities by creating a position of a Group Manager for the Storage Professionals Group on Linkedin, currently I manage it myself and the group has more than 2000 users, if any of the readers are interested in being the Group Manager please let me know, I would absolutely love to talk to you.

For the best of my interest, I have to kind of go dormant for the next few days or a week to wrap up some of the important ongo
ing projects. I believe Feb 2009 will be another great month of blogging with at least some additional emphasis on Clariion Technology but importantly want to start discussing Symmetrix and DMX. I do run across quite a few Clariion, Celerra, Centera and BURA Blogs (Hardware & Software), but have seldom stepped into a detailed blog about Symmetrix DMX. Have a few topics in mind that I want to target, if any of the readers are interested in any special topics, please pass them on to me and will try to do the best to write about them. 

By the way, going forward I will post a picture on each and every Blog….


Oh…I think it’s just Kewl……

Goodluck, enjoy the week and the weekend ahead….any important topics pop up, I will come back from the hiding…..



I just ran across 3 different pictures on one of our marketing brochures……

In the order, the pictures are as follows…..

So if a user was reading our brochure, what we are trying to tell them is …..We lived in stone ages with those manuscripts in the background, we were animals and then become humans and then computer addicts and since we are computer addicts now we can aim for the space?

What does our current business have to do with these pictures. Do I work for IT Company?

I am just confused….

My Second Life or Virtual Me (Avatar)

January 27th, 2009 No comments

…… Continuing the Avatar story, Chris Evans posted his Mangatar yesterday. Earlier in the day Barry Burke created one for himself. Storagebod as we all know is up there since he was born in the blogging world.

Here is my avatar (managtarthe VIRTUAL ME), just like VMware its there but its virtual. I didn’t think a computer generated image would be quite as accurate.

Just contemplating if I should actually be VIRTUAL in the real world……quite a computer generated image…..

Blogging beyond the Domain of Expertise

January 22nd, 2009 2 comments

Why this topic…..

Well, I have been a reader of quite a few storage blog sites since I started blogging (about 6 months ago). My blogroll consist of my daily reading every morning. As the day progresses, get to read many more storage related items through twitter or other social networking media.

There is a big learning curve going on for myself as I understand these new Storage related Socio-Techno terms, Tech-notes, Standards, Core Storage Technology, Visions, Dominance, Acquisitions, OEM practices and foremost develop a level of expertise in what I blog.

My Comfort Zone…..

As I write these blogs, I do feel the urge to write about technology more than any marketing or sales aspects and specially like to blog about EMC technology since I understand it the best. These days I have been writing about Clariion. My understanding of Symmetrix and DMX along with other EMC technologies is good, but these days I am more comfortable writing about just one storage platform, which is Clariion.

Storage Industry Bloggers…..

As I read blogs from various different bloggers like Chuck Hollis, Chad Sakac, Storagezilla, Dave Graham, Hu Yoshida, Storage Architect, Steve Todd and many more on my list, I feel bloggers are only talking about the technology or subjects they feel more comfortable about ……. over and over again. I am not criticizing any of these bloggers, they are great and write good stuff, but as you start following some of them, you feel the output you get every day from them is the same?, Or almost the same?, Or about the same subject? Or about the same technology? Or about the same Topic?

Human Comfort Zone…..

May be because people understand a certain technology better than the other, they like to blog about it more often. But isn’t that, what blogging is all about?

Personally I think, if a person gets really comfortable with the job profile they are in and keep on doing the same repetitive stuff every single day, where is innovation, creativity and then foremost the learning curve?

It is human nature to feel comfortable in a certain Environment, Zone, Society, Social Media, Job, etc after they have achieved or reached a certain goal, agenda or have success doing a certain thing. If we asked Hu Yoshida to talk about EMC technology or 3Par technology in the next 10 blogs and same question for Chuck, if he was to write the next 10 blogs about HDS and its technology can they do it.  If Steve Todd wrote about the subjects that Chuck Hollis writes and Dave Graham was to write about IBM SVC technology in the next 10 blogs, can they do it?  

As humans, we like to only talk and write about technology, markets, subjects; that we feel comfortable about rather than having an idea of the whole industry the way it is going. It is very tough for one person to understand all the technologies, but then isn’t that creativity, innovation and vision. Industry should not be driven by a single OEM, or a single technology, that would just be the end of Innovation. Dominance is a virtue, but Competition is a win.

This blog is not against any of my fellow bloggers rather only explains the comfort zone of human nature. Would I personally like to blog about a certain subject that I don’t feel comfortable about and is beyond my comfort zone. May be yes, may be no, maybe I should read, research and then write about that subject.

Bloggers in my blogroll are very creative, I love reading all of them; just want to read a different topic once in a while that is beyond what they write every day …..

Courteous Comments always welcome…….

Transfer of DataStorageWiki to

January 13th, 2009 No comments

So after a lot of hard work over the past weekend, finally the DataStoragewiki Blog site is now transferred over to  I have explained in the previous blog why this was important (

With a bit planning and import / export of data, finally was able to move over stuff from DataStorageWiki to StorageNerve with practically zero downtime. Also realized how great it was to have FeedBurner, No outages on the RSS & ATOM feeds. The subscriber list is unaffected.

Included script on page, which would automatically forward all the users to in about 5 seconds.  But this only works with the home page forwarding (www) and not the associated URL’s.

One thing I would really like to do is automatically forwarded all the DNS queries that came over to* (any URL within the domain) to I tried to do some domain forwarding using CNAME and A Records but didn’t go anywhere.

The big problem I do see is that Google search results are all based on  and its associated URL’s, so when a user clicks on it today, they ending up with a 404 Page. In short the users that are trying to access technical data through search and are getting Page Not Found. Not sure if there is a way to fix this.

Another potential problem is it will take light years for site to be relisted again on Google and Yahoo. Since most of the blogging I do is related to technical terms, Google ranking and ratings on them is very important. With the content that is published on the pages, the current Google Page & Google Site ranking for them is pretty good. Now it will take another 6 months before the same is done for the new domain.

Again one of my purposes of blogging is to help Storage Experts throughout the world understand and compare technologies in terms of technical information and product research. With those things in mind, a search engine optimization does play a very important role with worldwide visitors that come in through search engines.

Hope as a reader you have not felt any outages with this site and your subscribed feed to this site is working okay.

I have couple of Blogs ready to be published, but will wait a few days before all the users get updated with the new site address.

Thanks for Reading and Goodluck on your Projects!!!