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SUN ORACLE Exadata Version 2: Showing the power of ORACLE SUN

September 16th, 2009 No comments

The US Regulators gave the ORACLE purchase of SUN a go ahead several weeks ago, but EU Regulators are still actively looking at Antitrust laws with the possible buyout of SUN by ORACLE. ORACLE’s (Mr. Larry Ellison’s) quest to own an infrastructure company is becoming true with the purchase of SUN.

But the approvals haven’t stopped Mr. Ellison’s Team from redesigning the SUN ORACLE Exadata platform Version 2 (With SUN ORACLE logo’s on it). A joint venture between ORACLE and SUN has been on for several years now. Today was the day when the new Exadata platform version 2 was presented to the world by Mr. Ellison himself. It was truly visible, that Mr. Ellison is already taking a lot of pride with this acquisition even before its approved.

There was an advertisement earlier this week from ORACLE SUN challenging IBM and all its products and how Mr. Ellison now wants to go after IBM to become the top Infrastructure company. Said that, there are only 3 big infrastructure companies today, IBM and HP going neck to neck in terms of revenues competing for the 1st position, while the pending approval of ORACLE – SUN at number three.

Through it is great to see the vision of Mr. Ellison and how he is internally transforming ORACLE from being a software database company to an Infrastructure company. Today’s announcement of SUN ORACLE Exadata version 2 platform is very unique in that sense. Exadata products has been developed with years of partnership between SUN and ORACLE, but goes to show how both the combined companies can fulfill the datacenter vision END to END.

This platform extensively uses the SUN FlashFire technology and is truly the first OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) System designed to optimize customer data processing using a mix of SUN hardware and ORACLE software. It was very noticeable during the 35 minutes introduction where Mr. Ellison drove the presentation for more than 25 minutes and then handed over to John Fowler, EVP SUN for a technical talk.

Clearly ORACLE is targeting IBM and NCR – Teradata products with the release of this platform. It was obvious in the presentation that Mr. Larry Ellison used the word “THEY” numerous times signaling towards IBM and NCR. Though it was not said during the presentation, “THEY” could include HP as well. At this point without the final approval of the SUN purchase, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for ORACLE to make another enemy, HP.

Here are some SUN ORACLE Exadata Version 2 platform highlights

  1. Exadata Version 2 is optimized for OLTP (Online Transaction Processing), first in its kind to hit the market.
  2. Typically SUN ORACLE Exadata Version 2 should give customers a 50X to 100X better performance than standard data warehousing servers.
  3. Optimized for Random I/O
  4. 1M IOPS per system cabinet
  5. Each system cabinet has 8 Compute servers, 176 total processors, 336 TB of Raw Disk, 5TB of Flash Cache (56 Flash Cache cards), 400GB to total DRAM in the 8 compute servers.
  6. Intel Nehalem processors, Infiniband switching, FlashCache, 4 Ethernet links per database node.
  7. Runs Linux System, Oracle manages cache, fully redundant compute servers and storage. On demand capacity expansion as it relates to compute servers, storage or Infiniband switches.
  8. 1 Node (computer server) is the smallest configuration, large configurations can be 8 nodes in one cabinet or 32 cabinets combined together to massively have 32 Million IOPS or several 100 Petabyte of storage optimized for OLTP.
  9. Infiniband speed per link is 40 Gbps aggregating to 880 Gbps for a system (cabinet), Non Blocking switch gives a full open & distributed system access for faster processing.
  10. Power consumption less than Exadata version 1.0 by 14%
  11. Fastest OLTP system, Fastest Data Warehousing system in the world
  12. All calculations done in memory (FlashCache), optimizing the system.
  13. Massively Parallel Processing, the scale out architecture helps and enables easy on demand expansion.

Couple things to note:

  1. Mr. Ellison calls Flash Disk as Dumb Flask Disk, truly remarkable.
  2. Also another highlight was to use 56 Flash Cache cards per system (5 TB) and then use 168 x 2TB SATA drives (Possibly 7.2K RPM) to optimize data space (Somehow didn’t make a lot of sense).

Some Questions to Consider

  1. Is this a real threat to Storage & Host providers where you have specialized Hardware / Software combination optimizing your performance for certain applications?
  2. Is this the power of ORACLE SUN that we will see in the future?
  3. How does this compete with EMC COMPUTE platform (rumors) or the Cisco – EMC Alpine Project (rumors)?
  4. Does the VCE (VMware – Cisco – EMC) partnership really focus towards the giant to come ORACLE SUN?
  5. What will happen to the ORACLE – HP partnership if the ORACLE SUN buyout gets approval, what happens to HP – Oracle Exadata?
  6. Does this create any Antitrust scenarios for the future?
  7. Is Mr. Ellison’s dream to own the infrastructure end with the purchase of SUN?

Here are some links for references if you would like to read more about Exadata products

Vmworld 2009: Day 4, 3rd September 2009

September 4th, 2009 No comments

Unfortunately my Vmworld trip came to an end today. Started to head back home at 6 AM this morning, entire day of travelling.

Vmworld 2009 officially comes to an end today at 4 PM. Most of the people will be leaving later in the day or early tomorrow morning to head back home.

Some people are planning to spend some personal time in San Francisco Bay area with their families and friends since it’s a day off on Monday (long weekend). San Francisco is just amazing, the Golden Gate bridge, the food, the wine, the downtown and oh the Moscone center. For this trip, my walking has only been between the hotel and the Moscone center, absolutely no sightseeing.

The weather has been great so far, almost 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. everyday Overall it was been a joyful trip.

Looking forward to going to Vmworld 2010.

Stay tuned for the final post on Vmworld 2009 tomorrow.

Vmworld 2009: Day 3, Wednesday 2nd of September 2009

September 3rd, 2009 No comments

Most of the day today was focused on the Solutions Gallery and Sessions.

There were just so many sessions, no way to attend each and every technology session, but the important ones were around Storage, Cisco Nexus and VDI. It has been very hard to get any labtime. Best bet will be to go back home and start working on some test labs in the office environment to practice various aspects of vSphere and its add-on products.

In the solutions gallery met quite a few known faces from Dell, HP, Vmware, NetApp, EMC, TechTarget and various Analyst. It has been great talking to these folks from Virtualization and Storage backgrounds and get their opinion on the direction of the industry and various other consolidation aspects under the Cloud.

Then was time to spend at the Vmworld 2009 Party, it was just amazing. Thai food, Mexican Food and American burgers, it was just food all over the place. The guy playing the Drums, rocked the floor for 30 mins. Then came the Vmware band (Elastic) – I believe it was called. The final hour was with the Foreigner’s Band, man these guys rocked the floor.

Check out the pictures from the event all updated live on Twitter.

This hall is packed with 8000 people #vmworld

Oh this is awesome #vmworld

Another one #vmworld

Another one #vmworld foreigner

Another one, @edsai, @hpstorageguy #vmworld

Another one #vmworld

Another one #vmworld

Another one dancing tube #vmware

Another one #vmworld

Another one #vmworld

Another one #vmworld

Another one #vmworld

Another #vmworld pic

Vmworld party kicks off

Went to the EMC Rave party from there, thanks to Chad Sakac for hosting the party, it was just great. Another 3 hours of technology conversations after the party about Storage Technology & Virtualization.

Totally worth trip.

Vmworld 2009: Day 2, 1st of September 2009

September 2nd, 2009 No comments

So the day started with Paul Maritz general session early AM today.

Then joined the Press / Analyst / Blogger Session hosted by Dan Chu of Vmware, Inc

See the notes below from the session

Dan Chu opened the Press release session, he heads the VMware’s vCloud initiative.

vCloud Initiative

Paul Maritz

Spoke about workload distribution

Partners like Verizon Business, ATT, Savvis, Terremark

Move apps in the cloud based on business demands

New 1000 service providers being added

Three main components of vmare vcloud initiatives where partners fit in




Ecosystem Partners

AT&T (Cloud Hosting)

ATT Services; Steve Caniano: VP Hosting and Cloud Services

ATT addressing things like Networking, Security, Performance, Reliability

Services called AT&T Synaptic Hosting

Services AT&T Storage as a Service (SaaS)

AT&T looking at Public, Private, Hybrid and Use Case clouds

Vmware: Dino Cicciarelli – Demo of workload migrations

Great vmotion within multiple data centers: SanJose to Sacramento

Savvis (Tiering)

Savvis Corporation:Bryan

Demo of Project Sprit

Industry first virtual data center with Tiering based on SLA’s

Verizon Business Services (Security)

Kerry Bailey, SVP Global Services

CaaS: Computing as a Service


Vcloud Express

Manuel D. Medina: CEO Terremark

Jason Locchead, CTO Terramark

Demo of vCloud Express

Content Partners

SpringSource (Vmware)

Rod Johnson, CEO Springsource

Application deployment in the Cloud


Micheal Crandell, CEO Rightscale

The next in line was the VCE (Vmware – Cisco – EMC) Super Session by Chad Sakac, Ed from Cisco and Scott from Vmware. It was great to see the new vision of the cloud (both private and public) and things that Vmware – Cisco and EMC are doing around it.

Joined the Solutions Gallery along with thousands of other people on the floor. Finally met @sunshinemug @sfoskett, Alex McDonald from NetApp, @dvallente along with a some great other folks from the Storage industry.

Headed to dinner with @edsai, @hpstorageguy @lynx_bat @tscalzott. After a Healthy dinner (burger and fries) headed to the Storage Tweetup at the B Restaurant and Bar @ Moscone.

It was great to finally meet everyone from the Storage Industry there,  @RayLucchesi @DellServerGeek @sanpenguin @spinmasterjp, NetApp’s Alex Mcdonald, @3parfarley @hpstorageguy, @dvellante: @sunshinemug @storageio @siliconvalleypr @sfoskett @StorageNerve @edsai.


The day came to an end at around 2 AM, with the last meeting with Brad O’Neill from TechValidate. This guy is smart!!! Some great Venture Capital talk and his current and past involvement with TechValidate, Stumbleupon and PolyServ.

Stay tuned for more coverage for Vmworld 2009 Day 3.