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EMC Symmetrix DMX-4: Components

March 16th, 2009 6 comments

In my previous posts on EMC Symmetrix 3, 5, 8 Series and EMC Symmetrix DMX, DMX-2 Series we discussed some important components that comprise in systems, in this post we will discuss some of the important components of EMC Symmetrix DMX-4.

EMC Symmetrix DMX-4 consist of 1 System Bay and (1 upto 8) Scalable Storage Bay’s. Each Storage Bay can hold up to 240 Disk Drives totaling 1920 drive in 8 Storage bays or 1024 TB System.  Systems  with special requirements can be configured to 2400 drives instead of standard 1920 drives.

The primary bay is the System Bay which includes all directors, service processor, adapters, etc, while the Storage Bay contains all the disk drives, etc.


System Bay (1 Bay)

Channel directors: Front End Directors (FC, ESCON, FICON, GigE, iSCSI), these are the I/O Directors.

Disk directors: Back End Directors (DA), these control the drives in the System.

Global memory directors: Mirrored Memory available with DMX-4, Memory Director sizes range from 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB totaling 512GB (256GB mirrored).

Disk adapters: Back End Adapters, they provide an interface to connect disk drives through the storage bays.

Channel adapters: Front End Adapters, they provide an interface for host connection (FC, ESCON, FICON, GigE, iSCSI).

Power supplies: 3 Phase Delta or WYE configuration, Zone A and Zone B based Power Supplies, maximum 8 of them in the system bay.

Power distribution units (PDU): One PDU per zone, 2 in total.

Power distribution panels (PDP): One PDP per zone, 2 in total, power on/off, main power.

Battery backup Unit (BBU): 2 Battery backup modules, 8 BBU units, between 3 to 5 mins of backup power in case of a catastrophic power failure.

Cooling fan modules: 3 Fans at the top of the bay to keep it cool.

Communications and Environmental Control (XCM) modules: Fabric and Environmental monitoring, 2 XCM located at the rear of the system bay. This is the message fabric, that is the interface between directors, drives, cache, etc. Environmental monitoring is used to monitor all the VPD (Vital Product Data).

Service processor components
Keyboard, Video, Display and Mouse. Used for remote monitoring, call home, diagnostics and configuration purposes.

UPS: UPS for the Service Processor

Silencers: Made of foam inside, different Silencers for System and Storage bay’s.



Storage bay (1 Bay Minimum to 8 Bay’s Maximum)

Disk drives: Combination of 73GB, 146GB, 300GB, 400GB, 450GB, 500GB, 1TB and now EFD’s 73GB, 146GB and 200GB available. Speed: 10K, 15K, 7.2K SATA are all compatible, each RAID Group and each drive enclosure should only have similar speed drives, similar type drives. 15 drives per Enclosure, 240 per bay, 1920 total in the system. If the color of the LED lights on the drive is Blue its 2GB speed, if the color of the LED is green, the speed is 4GB.

Drive Enclosure Units: 16 per Storage Bay, 15 drives per enclosure

Battery Backup Unit (BBU): 8 BBU modules per Storage bay, each BBU support 4 Drive enclosures

Power Supply, System Cooling Module: 2 per drive enclosure

Link Control Cards: 2 per drive enclosure

Power Distribution Unit (PDU): 1 PDU per zone, 2 in total

Power Distribution Panels (PDP): 1 PDP per zone, 2 in total


In the next couple of post, we will discuss EMC Symmetrix DMX-4 and some of its design features. 

Reducing Power Consumption on DMX3 & DMX4 Arrays

March 16th, 2009 No comments

Great Post by Diwakar on his Blog about reducing power consumption with DMX3’s  and DMX4’s

Google Chrome Users and Non-Users

March 16th, 2009 No comments

For all Google Chrome Users, you will enjoy the following videos.

I personally started using Chrome just as a experiment when it was a beta release. Really loved it…have been using since then…..

Used Internet Explorer for the past 4 to 5 years, then Mozilla FireFox for couple of years and since the initial release of Google Chrome have been using it. Google Chrome has completely changed the overall browsing experience with its speed, search, easy of use, tab browsing, light weight, bookmarking, etc.

A very kool Ad of Google Chrome on Youtube…..

If you are not already using it, here are some features of Google Chrome……


The Story behind Google Chrome……….check out the fundamentals of browsing….

Benchmarking Google Chrome final version…..


After all this, if you think you are ready to make the change, you can download Google Chrome here.
Run it as test for now, use it for about an hour everyday to browse your favorite sites and see if you like it compared to your current web browser. It will surely take a little time to get used to
Google Chrome and its features, but once you like it you are not going anywhere else…..

The Who’s Who of Storage Twitters

March 11th, 2009 2 comments

Twitter…Twitter…..Twitter…..that is all we hear these days….Time Magazine has been following it and recently published a big article on Twitter.

Many of our co-bloggers, co-workers, friends, family and now our better half’s are following us on twitter these days…..

Brian Henderson has an interesting blog article he just posted as I started writing this article. Here is the link.

There was a good post by David Spencer: Seven People to Follow on Twitter, here is the link.

On this post I do not want to talk about the advantages, disadvantages, etc, but rather focus this towards a list of Storage Centric Folks that are using twitter today.

This post is a continuation of my previous blog posts about various Storage Bloggers in the Blogosphere and about LinkedIn and the Storage/Virtualization Groups.

Twitter these days seems to be one of those social media outlets where Storage folks are spending a lot of time and energy to learn and push some new products and technologies. Here is a link to my previous post on Twitter (A micro blogging platform)

A blog post from Stephen Foskett from Dec 2008 and another one from Christopher Kusek from Feb 2009 discussing some storage folks using Twitter…

To follow me on Twitter
There are some additional links that are pretty kool to get more information about your twittering habits.

To register on Twitter:

TwitterSheep: (This is funny, you should read it)

TwitterCounter: (Good way to get your twitter stats)

TwitterFeed: (To Automate your blog post for Twitter)

TwitterGrader: (Get your twitter Grade, see your twits practices)

Twitter-Friends: a 360 about you and your twitter connections)

Twitter-Search: search topics on twitter, this is good search engine)

Twitter Wheel: (To see your tweet wheel, very interesting….)

Twitoria: (Great site to find your inactive twitter friends)

Twesents: (Send a Twe to a friend….)

TwitterGroups: forget to check out the storage groups on TwittGroups)

Here are the Storage Twitters…….enjoy and add to your list..

Twitter Name Associations Name Notes
3parfarley 3Par Marc Farley aka. Storagerap, interesting twits..
abhinav_joshi NetApp Abhinav Joshi Rare twits, Technical
Akorri Akorri Lisa Crewe official
AnueSystems Anue official
astorrs Andrew Storrs
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bgracely NetApp
bhendu EMC Brian Henderson Windows/EMC
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BlueArc BlueArc official
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Callero Calle
carlig HDS Carli seems to be the boss….
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Chris_Mellor The Register Chris Mellor Interesting twits…
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chrisjones77 Chris Jones You want to recover your data
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ChuckHollis EMC Chuck Hollis Recently joined and disappered
CimaMan John Alday
ckranz NetApp Chris Kranz
Compellent Compellent Compellent official
contemplatingIT HDS (50%) Tony Asaro
ctnco EMC Edward Newman Active, good twits…
CXI NetApp Christopher Kusek he is up all night twitting…..
damienstevens Damien Stevens Cloud Com links every evenings
DaveGraham EMC Dave Graham Very Active, good twits…..
DavidKSpencer EMC David Spencer Happy Guy….
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DellServerGeek Dell Scott Hanson Active twits…
dexin Could Computing
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Gregorydwhite Dell Gregory White
HDSCorp HDS Hitachi Data Systems every new blog post, HDS twits.
IanHF Active user with broken toe???
ibmstorage IBM Raj Subramaniam
irsanw EMC Irsan Widarto
jdowson EMC Jim Dowson CTO, Global Services
JoleneHajj Emulex Jolene Hajj Emulex PR….
kccowan EMC Ken Cowan
Kostadis_Netapp NetApp Kostadis Roussos Opinionated….
LenDevanna EMC Len Devanna
Matt Povey HDS Matt Povey English guy in Australia….
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SFoskett Stephen Foskett Active twitter…
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SteveTodd EMC Steve Todd Opens up twitter during lunch
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emulex Emulex     Official

cingulus Emulex                           VP Corp Marketing

msarrel Technologist
If you are an enterprise storage blogger or twitter, and your name is not on the list, please email me or DM me on Twitter @storagenerve, will get you added to the list. At all times want to keep this listed updated.