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Happy Holidays!!!!

December 24th, 2008 No comments

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all the Readers!!!! 

It’s been really hard to keep up with blogging these days since most of the time spent goes either at work or with family or shopping. The holiday season is great and the spirits are high.

Somebody put it very nicely

The True Spirit of Christmas

Lots of people
crowds everywhere
Rushing and pushing and shoving,
going nowhere.
It’s Christmas time again
Have to get all those things done
hustle, bustle, quickly,
We must beat the sun.
Must get this and must get that
Maybe this nic, maybe that nak
When did it happen?
When did we lose track…
It’s a race, yes it is
We are running, yes we are
But let’s not forget
before we get too far-
What is really important
Doesn’t take much to figure out
Take time to love
and love from the heart.


Tonight is the big family dinner night; all cousins are at our place from various parts of North America for this holiday season, with many arrived early this week to the last ones arriving later today, it’s going to be a big family reunion. 

It is fun seeing all the little kids running around in the house and all the grownups having great time talking about the days when we will little. Santa should be home tonight at the party and will bring over lots of gifts for little kids………

Hope 2008 was great for everyone and 2009 will bring lots of joy and fun.

Again have safe, exciting happy holidays!!!!

Signing off for the rest of the year……….


EMC Symmetrix Management Console

December 19th, 2008 1 comment


The Symmetrix Management Console is a very important step towards allowing customers take a control of their Symmetrix / DMX Disk Arrays. As much as it allows a customer to manage their Symmetrix / DMX, it allows them to duplicate devices when provisioning. Customers can manage up to 6 Symmetrix Systems all through a web interface.

Important Features of Symmetrix Management Console are

  • 1) Simplify day-to-day Symmetrix management with ease-of-use capabilities.
  • 2) It takes minutes to install. Windows environment running a Windows Server 2003 along with IIS would be the best choice.
  • 3) The interface the customers work on is a GUI that has the looks and feels of ECC and the Console also integrates with ECC.
  • 4) New systems configured and managed through the Symmetrix Management Console.
  • 5) The console gives the customer capabilities for Discovery, Configuration, Monitoring, Administration and Replication Management.
  • 6) Allows customer to setup ILM policies for Tiered Storage including Symmetrix Priority Controls, Dynamic cache partitioning, SRDF and Timefinder replication.
  • 7) Manages Access Control through iSCSI CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol) and RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in Service)
  • 8. Command line Generator for additional flexibility

Major strengths of Symmetrix Management Console are

  • 1) Management, Configuration, Administration of Symmetrix DMX.
  • 2) Dependable Local and remote replication management
  • 3) Robust information and system security

It is not a replacement to Symcli at this point but does make a SAN Admin’s provisioning and system management easy. It only allows configuration from a software level, will not allow perform any functions related to hardware changes (adding or replacing disk, adding or replacing FA’s, etc).

Symmetrix Management Console can be obtained from EMC Powerlink or through your account manager from EMC if you have an active contract in place with EMC for hardware/software maintenance or if your systems are under warranty.

Highly recommended management tool for SAN Admins and its free.

EMC Symmetrix Enginuity Operating Environment

December 19th, 2008 8 comments


The Clariion Environment is governed by Flare Code and the Symmetrix / DMX by Enginuity Code. The Enginuity Code was developed internally at EMC and so far to my knowledge not outsourced anywhere for development purposes.

EMC Engineering is the crown of EMC, inventing new technology and pushing the envelope in terms of defining future products, technologies and markets.

Unlike the Clariion Flare Code that is customer upgradeable, the code on EMC Symmetrix / DMX is upgraded through EMC only. This code sits on the Service Processor but also gets loaded on all the Directors during installation and upgrades. On these Directors is also loaded the BIN FILE (Configuration of the Symmetrix) along with the Emulation code. The initial Enginuity code load and BIN FILE setup is performed when the customer first purchases the machine and is customized based on their SAN environment.  

As new Enginuity code releases hit market, customers can get the upgrades from EMC. It is very normal for customers to go through multiple code upgrades during the 3 to 5 year life cycle of these machines.

The service processor houses the code, but the Symmetrix / DMX can be rebooted or can be fully functional without the Service processor present. The Service processor will allow an EMC trained and qualified engineer to perform diagnostics and enable the call home feature for proactive fixes and failures.

For any host related configurations changes, the presence of this service processor including EMC’s Symmwin Software is absolutely necessary. Without the presence of above it becomes impossible to obtain configuration locks on the machine through ECC or Symcli, restricting customer BIN FILE Changes for reconfiguration.

Enginuity Code level break down are based on the Family of machines.

Typically 50XX versions are limited to Symm 3.0 Models (3100/5100, 3200/5200, 3500/5500). 

The 37xx versions are limited to Symm 2.5 Models (4200,4400, 4800)

The code levels 5265, 5266, 5267 are limited to Symm 4.0 (3330/5300, 3400/5430, 3700/5700) and Symm 4.8 family (3630/5630, 3830/5830, 3930/5930) of machines.

For Symm 5.0 and 5.5 the Enginuity code versions are 5567 and 5568. The last code version for the Symm 5.0 and 5.5 is 5568.68.28. There will be no code upgrades for the Symmetrix after this version.

Going into the DMX1 & DMX2 (DMX800, DMX1000, DMX2000, DMX3000), code levels 5669, 5670 and 5671 are the major family Enginuity Code levels. For the DMX3 and DMX4 code levels 5771, 5772 and 5773 are the major releases.

The latest version 5671.75.75 is the last known version for the DMX1 and DMX2 family of machines.


The guidelines for Enginuity Code level breakdowns is as follows.

Example 5671.75.75 (Please see the color coded system below)


First Two digits

50=Symm 3.0

52=Symm 4.0, 4.8

55=Symm 5.0, 5.5

56 = DMX1/DMX2

57 = DMX3/DMX4


The next two digits are

67, 68 = Microcode Family, Major Symmetrix Releases for Symm 5.0/Symm 5.5

69, 70, 71 = Microcode Family, Major Symmetrix-DMX Releases for DMX1/DMX2

71, 72, 73 = Microcode Family, Major Symmetrix-DMX Releases for DMX3/DMX4


The next two digits are

Emulation Number designated as EE 


The last two digits are

Field Release level Service Processor Code Level (Symmwin Version)


The version of the Enginuity code will define what functionality and features the Symmetrix / DMX will have for that generation. As the hardware gets better and faster, the Enginuity Code has to improve and add features to perform along with it. 

My Absence……

December 17th, 2008 No comments

I have been away from blogging late last week and this week. A ton of things going on at work. Before the 2 week long vacation season starts a lot to work to do for new business growth for next year.

Had a long day in Atlantic City today with Customer Training, very productive and will further help our expansion plans with this customer. In a larger picture it all adds up for future growth.

Customer Growth: It is really great to see what we plan to do today, the promises we keep up on and what we end up doing for our customers today can shape our future business with that customer.

Starting mid next week, have a ton of cousins coming over for Christmas, so I think my blogging activity will be down to minimum.

I do plan to write something up about EMC Permanent Spares, EMC Dynamic Sparing, EMC Symmetrix Management Console, EMC Optimizer and additions to Symmcli and Powerpath Commands, hopefully all of them this week if I can and if work permits.

It really feels like Christmas this week and hopefully next week too, seems like a lot of storage bloggers are enjoying the extended holidays and spending some quality time with their families.

Tomorrow have a very critical meeting with a big Storage Company in UK for further expansions in UK. With some existing business through them and looking for future growth, have to prepare and customize the presentation along with setting up a Demo.

Exciting times……………………