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vExpert 2011, virtualization efforts continue..

The magic email came in on saturday the 2nd of July…

Dear Devang Panchigar,

We’re pleased to designate you as a vExpert 2011 as recognition of your contributions to the VMware, virtualization, and cloud computing communities. You’ve done work above and beyond, and we’re delighted to communicate more closely, to share resources, and to offer other opportunities for greater interaction throughout the year as we continue to grow knowledge and success in the community of IT professionals. Welcome to the vExpert 2011 Program!

Thank you  John Troyer and the VMware team for selecting me in the vExpert 2010 program and now in the vExpert 2011 program. I am humbled and very honored to participate in it. The last 5 years have been a great years for virtualization and cloud technologies and is really shaping the future of IT and majorly not only corporate IT, but consumer level IT. All these efforts are also changing how Storage functions and operates today.

Hope this gives me a chance to work with fellow vExperts through out the world, many of which are friends, colleagues and delegates from various events and projects. These folks are truly industry experts and leaders in the virtualization space. I am glad to be able to participate along with them.

The success we saw with vExpert 2009 / vExpert 2010 program and the emerging details of the 2011 program, there are great advantages to be able to participate in this. This program will enable us to get a sneak peek into the futures, be able to attend NDA sessions, test lab licenses, access to beta programs, and much more..

Here is the VMware vExpert page.

To my fellow vExperts, big congratulations!! Big thanks to John Troyer and his social media team for building such a vibrant community.

The fun begins now…… looking forward to an exciting year ahead.