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HP Discover 2011, David Scott Keynote

David Scott session at HP Discover 2011

– 20 pb of storage shipped everyday at HP
– do more with less
– enterprise IT as a service
– converged infrastructure lead in the market
– similar impact should be following next
– storage works retired – brand name
– HP Storage is the brand name
– acquisition of 3par was very important towards the future
– multi tenancy
– 3par and it’s innovation in storage technology
– typical management cost on 3par is 90% less than other typical storage platforms
– most storage technology architecture build 15 to 20 years ago
– unified storage is not simple enough to implement, manage, cost, scale, etc
– HP converged blade system and integrating that in storage
– scale out storage using these principles
– ibrix, store once and lefthand into a single code base in storage 360 strategy
– easy deployment
– converged utility storage, addresses security and other elements
– today utility storage includes 3par, ibrix and lefthand in the future
– next generation EVA
– personal note, EVA is not dead
– Eva generation 5 released, p6000 series
– new Eva software environments
– small form factor drives and solid state drives
– 8 gb backend and 10gb interconnect switching
– new ibrix released
– 16pb namespace
– ibrix is strategic platform for big everything platform
– vertica acquisition is very strategic for HP as well
– big healthcare applications that can be deployed on ibrix and vertica for data mining and Analytics
– Charlie Lemming, vp Brocade takes the stage
– brocade’s 14 year long partnership
– Charlie says, great and new exciting things going on at Brocade, not sure what to make out of it
– announcements on converged systems which include HP virtual system, HP cloud system, HP app system
– Carl Eschenbach from VMware takes stage
– Carl receives the HP alliance award from HP on behalf of VMware
– Brad Anderson from Microsoft takes the stage
– Microsoft also receives HP alliance for solutions award
– Joe Crawford, enterprise cloud services at Verizon takes the stage
– verizon has been using 3par storage since 2005
– computing as a service offered by Verizon, I believe this would be the Terremark division
– rapid deployment, ease of manageability, same number of IT administrators since deployment with all the business growth
– Verizon thinks the 3par acquisition is very strategic for customers
– Convergence is a much better approach then the unified storage that other competitors are offering today