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HDS Bloggers Day – Day 2 – Session 03/24/2011

oh…..after the long day yesterday, refreshed and back at HDS this morning in Sefton Park. Great informative day yesterday and some great discussions that are lined up for today including Hitachi Servers, Storage Economics and UCP.

After breakfast we are all settled back in the conference room.

* HCD7 Hands on Lab

* Worked as Blogger 1 on the Hands on Lab. Bob O’Heir gave a nice overview on the HCD7 platform.

* Allocation of Volumes, Create Volumes, Tasks, Investigation, etc

* Personal Note: Simplified and Robust Interface

* Lynn McLean: VP Americas Sales Converged Solutions and Servers

* HDS is big time pushing the converged infrastructure.

* Pre-stacked solutions

* Video Surveillance Solutions

* HyperV Fast Track Converged Solution

* Hitachi Compute Blade 320 and 2000

* Virtualization Technologies are VMware, HyperV and Hitachi’s own Logical Partitioning (LPAR)

* 48 core processor coming!!!

* SMP Feature: Symmetric Multi Processing, making all individual servers act as one

* 320 Hitachi Servers in a single 42 inch Rack

* LPar include partitioning CPU, Memory and I/O

* Scale Out 8 x 16 way blades, scale up to 64 way SMP

* Hitachi’s dilemma, we do not want to be a commodity server vendor

* No focus on server selling, rather a solution in a datacenter

* Use case: VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud VAAI + AMS 2300 and Blade Symphony, LPAR Virtualization, Oracle Database, vCloud Director

* Miki Sandorfi: Chief Strategist, File, Content and Cloud

* Single Physical Cluster of 40PB: Multitenant, Intelligent Objects, Chargeback, Compression and Deduplication, Security and Compliance

* Hitachi Data Ingestor Discussion

* Hitachi Content Platform Discussion

* HDI Mapping to HCP Tenants and Namespaces Discussion

* Lunch Break

* Great discussions with David Merrill about Storage Econonomics and some of the efforts him and his group does in relation to TCO / ROI

* David Merrill – Chief Economist

* 34 different cost make up storage costs

* Backup cost, floor space, power, environmentals, snapshots, labor, architecture, migration cost, cost of waste, orphaned storage, maintenance, out of warranty equipment, provisioning time, cost of outage, litigation, complexity cost, security, encryption, backup media cost, cost of copies, cost of growth, data loss, hardware depreciation and many more… you can find more about storage economics at

* 80% typical opex cost vs 20% typical capex cost

* It’s not just about technology, but how that applies to TCO and driving business value

* Great analogy comparing Storage Economics to a person trying to lose weight, life style change.

* Several case studies showing the value of storage economics and the study associated with some of the customers and how they have managed to reduce opex.

* Dozens of matrices being used to track efficiency

* Pete Gerr – Final Wrap Up

* Great day…Great info sessions…..headed to the hotel in the next hour

* Then to Storagebeers and vBeers. See you there….