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Hitachi uValue Convention

I have been able to travel to many parts of the world over the past few years either through work or personally, but this will be my first trip to Japan. I am very excited to go to Japan, but more excitement is the reason to go there.

We will be attending the uValue Convention, Celebrating 100th Year Anniversary of Hitachi (parent company of HDS – Hitachi Data Systems). Hitachi’s Global network contains more than 1000 different companies, 400K employees, 100 Billion dollars plus in revenues.

A company that is diversified into making many infrastructure products including train, televisions, heavy equipment, etc. As we landed on the Tokyo airport, the Hitachi brand started to become so much more visible from seeing elevators to escalators to conveyor belts and so forth. They also make storage.

About 4 weeks ago we were invited to attend the HDS bloggers day in Santa Clara, CA. It was an awesome event and gave us a peek into Hitachi Storage products. Tried some live blogging there from those sessions and enjoyed it. You can find more about the trip to HDS Geek Day, here.

This week is not about HDS but about Hitachi. The storage products they make and the thinking, strategy, direction and players behind it.

This is a bloggers and analyst event, though the bloggers and analyst are not preview to the same data and will be attending different sessions and technology briefings.


As for the high level agenda, here are a few things we are planning to do.


Trip to Odawara to meet Hitachi and Hitachi Data Systems executives and take a deepdive into Hitachi Storage Products. There seems to be a day full of technology chat about various Hitachi storage products.


Meeting with HDS executives and discussions on various Hitachi Storage platforms.

Attend uValue Convention celebrating the 100th year anniversary of Hitachi Ltd Japan.


Some sightseeing and then fly back home



The following are the attendees (bloggers) to the event; non of these guys need any introductions, you all know them. I am really glad to be part of this team.


Will try to stay connected on Twitter (hashtag #uValue) and update the Blog as frequently as I get a chance to do so. There will be some embargo and NDA information that will not make it to the blog and twitter.

Many critics that talk about the fact that HDS is purely a marketing arm of Hitachi Japan with no leverage on Hitachi Storage products. Hope to see all this is false and HDS has much deeper roots into Hitachi Japan in terms of product direction and strategy.


Stay tuned, more updates coming soon..!!!

Should I already be learning some Japanese, Konnichi wa (Hello!!)


Disclaimer: The 4 day trip to Hitachi Japan to attend the uValue Convention is sponsored by HDS. They paid for all Travel, Boarding and lodging expenses for these days. The attendees / bloggers are not required to Blog about this event. This is my attempt to share what we learned there.