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Having lots of fun….


My sudden disappearance and appearance in twitterosphere and blogosphere has got people in social media to ask me as to what am I up to these days. My honest answer to them is “I am having lots of fun…”

About a couple of months ago, I was offered a new role in the current organization I work for. For the past 5 years or so, I was solely focused on Storage platforms. To our customers we offer infrastructure services, managed services, professional services, outsourcing and asset management. For these years growing the storage, systems, networking and virtualization portfolios was the key to our success.


These days it’s about working with the whole stack of products. As much as we talk about convergence within datacenter products, services convergence is at the heart of it. Typical organizations are structured to support products based on silos, with the changing landscape, it’s important to start thinking about services in similar ways.

As part of business transformation a need for a new thinking is required. In just a short duration of time, along with a group of very talented individuals we formed a small team that attacks these issues through out the business, we call it the TigerTeam and by the way, we are recruiting for it. From creating cross platform training to cross platform support to selling a whole stack of services associated with convergence is the focus.

Along with the business transformation on the customer side (external), comes a lot of internal transformation related to how we do business, growth plans, focus, internal strategies, social media, marketing, etc. A total revamp of internal IT resources that would drive more efficiency through out the organization is required. Right from using cloud based services for IT infrastructure to using CRM solutions that are cloud based has helped us to be more efficient.

Revamping as to how we do logistics to how we manage customer service to identifying new potential growth markets are some very key focus points of our future strategy and growth plans. At the heart of this sits R&D efforts, training and knowledge sharing.


One thing that has come to realization is, SUCCESS AS A WHOLE IS IMPORTANT, not just small teams individually achieving success in an organization. Solo and Silo successes create an inequality with total business growth. Success ‘WE’ is important than success ‘I’.

Just in this short duration, we have managed to kickoff some 10’s of new projects that will help us be more aggressive with achieving our business goals. With some very unique approaches, we are trying to change the way we think and we do business.


But it’s has been great fun and I am loving every moment of it. It may mean I might be a bit irregular with new blog posts, but at the center of this, the experience we are getting is phenomenal, the team we are building is incredible and the new thinking we are bringing will help us go far ways.

Want to make a difference…. And want to be part of this dynamic team, feel free to shoot me an email at devang at storagenerve dot com.


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  • edsai

    Congrats on your new role and the innovative things you are doing at your company. I thought for quite some time that it was probably the best thing considering some of the stuff we discussed.

  • stu

    Great stuff – I hope you'll be able to share some of the transformation. Moving from silos to shared is harder to do in reporting structures than it is in infrastructure.

  • storagenerve

    Stu, there are challenges, but being able to advocate and bring changes related to reporting structure will help organizations transform as infrastructure transforms. For the success of either one, the other one needs to work hands in hands.