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HDS (Hitachi Data Systems) Bloggers Day: Session 4 (Live Blogging)

This is an attempt to live blog at the Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Bloggers Day: Session 4

Day 2:

Pete Gerr, Director, Strategic and Solutions Marketing

8:30: Kickoff…

8:31: HDS going through parking lot questions…some will be answered today, some later on one on one discussions.

Michael Hay, Senior Director, Product Strategy

8:40: John Deere is owned by Hitachi..

8:40 tons of tweets out there…..Nigel wins the award for the MVP and Devang wins the best dressed…..

8:41: Hitachi Research can be found at

8:42: Even though HDS is moving into this arena, we are using HDS proxy servers to connect to the internet from here, the HDS Geek website is blocked internally. Here is the site that HDS might want to consider to open

8:45: High level Hitachi (not HDS) Vision, Strategy.

8:45: another visual search engine

8:50: RAID discussion kicked off by Nigel Poulton and its getting quite interesting…

Claus Mikkelsen, Chief Strategist

Mark Adams, Senior Product Marketing Manager

9:12: Storage Tiering discussion

9:15: AMS discussion

9:16: HDS midtier storage (AMS) has explosive growth over the last 2 years….

9:20 AMS was released in 2008 and has been doing great…

9:30 ……

9:55: LUN Ownership and Failover question from yesterday

9:56: THere is LUN ownership on either Controller 0 and controller 1. Active – Active cluster, I/O and architectural diagram.

10:00 Break……but a big discussion on the AMS architecture (current) and potentials in the future….

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10:20: Embargo session

11:00 Round table discussion….for another hour.

Disclaimer: Though we are not required, it is up to the attendees to blog and tweet about this event if they wish to. Our travel, boarding and lodging expenses for two days will be paid by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS).