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Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Bloggers Day: Session 3 (live blogging)

This is an attempt to live blog at the Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Bloggers Day: Session 3

John Harker: Product Marketing, HDP, Virtualization products and stragegy

John Yarborough: Technical Ops

Larry Korbus: Product Manager, Array Based Virtualization

11:32: USP and USP V storage arrays, external storage

11:33: Tiering within Arrays (using Tiering models like Tier 1, Tier 2, TIer 3, Tier 4) and external storage.

11:34: All the above is done through using Storage Virtualization using the storage virtualization layer that will help extend the life of legacy arrays.

11:44: Dynamic Provisioning is applicable both on the USP and the AMS platforms

11: 45: Simple Provisioning, capacity leveling, automated performance optimization, performance, load balancing, reclamation, savings related to replication, IT agility, reduce OPEX and CAPEX

11:48: HDP is included in AMS but is chargeable on the USP

11:55: Zero Page reclaim discussion.

11:57: Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning also uses Symantec Storage Foundation, VxFS. Cleaning filesystems

11:47: All questions related to Zero Page reclaim, HDP, external storage

12:11: White board session related HDP, External storage, storage virtualization

12:14: HDS denotes Cache in an array as $ (Cash)

12:15: These sessions are quite technical, very interesting, white boards

12:16: USPV does add latency to IO, though measurable very little

12:17: Hitachi Device Manager demo

12:30: I am loving this…demo


1:00 to 2:15: Did an infosmack podcast with Greg Kneireimen, Hu Yoshida, Nigel Poulton

Miki Sandorfi,  Chief Strategist, File, Content and Cloud

Linda Xu, Senior Director, File, Content and Cloud

Missed most of this session, this was a great session on UCP (Universal Compute Platform), I wish someone recorded this

2:25: Talking about Orchestration layer on the UCP

2:30: Networking partner has not been disclosed yet……..BUT THINK OF IT AS…..

2:45: Lots of questions on UCP…..lots of answers on UCP, good discussion

2:46: Orchestration is provided using Microsoft Systems Manager and Virtual machine manager

2:47: A bit of comparison to VBlocks, some questions asked.

259: Integration platform to enable cloud like services for private cloud, public clouds, storage as a service, infrastructure as a service, orchestration, tiering using existing Hitachi Storage technologies.

3:06: Real life experience unified IT and how customers are driving more efficiency into organization and how they are managing to use automation.

3:15: Demo of the Unified Compute Platform Orchestration software

3:30 Lab tour now….and no pictures…

Disclaimer: Though we are not required, it is up to the attendees to blog and tweet about this event if they wish to. Our travel, boarding and lodging expenses for two days will be paid by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS).