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Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Bloggers Day: Session 2 (live blogging)

This is an attempt to live blog at the Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Bloggers Day. Session 2

Hu Yoshida, CTO Hitachi Data Systems

The technical discussion kicks off….video coming soon….

9:56: Common platform for all data, Storage Virtualization

9:57: Storage Virtualization requirements including applications, multitenancy, scalability, transparency, etc.

9:59: Storage Virtualization in-band, out-of-band vs USPV

10:01:Dynamically provision new services in seconds

10:02: Convert fat volumes into thin volumes by moving them into the pool

10:03: Optimize storage performance by spreading the I/O across more arms

10:04: Safe Multitenancy architecture

10:10: Application Transparency, Hitachi Command Portal. SLA’s, Allocation, etc, can be customized here, for could providers.

10:11: SCALE UP and SCALE OUT are important on storage platforms

Michael Hay, Chief Strategist, Strategic Product Operations and Planning

10:15: Waiting for the virtualization circle

10:18: Deepdive into HDS’s thought process and startegy….(it is hard to capture all the thoughts)

Michael Heffernan: Solutions Product Manager, Server Virtualization

10:28: Topics around Hypervisor, impact to customers, hypervisors and storage, options around vmware, hyper-v, hds

10: 29: Hitachi has very strong set of hardware storage products

10:34: Hitachi changing messaging around hypervisor and going back to the basics to understand the HCP and Vmware IO stacks. Hitachi is closing at it very closely.

10:46: Vmware strategy: to reduce impact on the host we do Active Active Symmetric clusters on modular arrays (AMS platform), so we dont need powerpath like software’s.

10:47: Chris Evans USP ness moment…

10:48: HDP: Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, wide stripe, vm extends, vmfs volumes. Sub Lun level locking of USP LUNs with HAM coming soon…

10:55: Scalability discussion

11:11: AMS disscussion for small to medium businesses. HDS also has a hypervisor modeling and sizing tool that customers can use.

11:16: HDS is completely agnostics on hypervisors.

Disclaimer: Though we are not required, it is up to the attendees to blog and tweet about this event if they wish to. Our travel, boarding and lodging expenses for two days will be paid by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS).