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Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Bloggers Day: Session 1 (live blogging)

This is an attempt to live blog at the Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Bloggers Day.

Session 1

8:00: Hitachi Welcome

Pete Gerr, Director Strategic and Solutions Marketing

8:25: Hitachi’s Global Presence, Europe, Americas, Asia, Japan, many other countries.

8:26: More than 1000 Companies Globally, 400,000 employees globally, 100Billion in Revenue

8:30: Introductions

8:31: Nigel introduces himself as “I am Nigel Poulton” and pauses for a few secs… a chuckle in the room…the troublemaker

8:32: Rick Vanover, Chris Evans, Devang Panchigar, Nigel Poulton, Simon Long, Bas Raayman, Greg Knieriemen, Phil, Paul Miller, Elias Klnaser

8:33: Michael, Hu, Pete, Claus, Harry, Carli and many more from the Hitachi Team

8:34: HDS is part of a larger organization Hitachi

8:35: Retelling the HDS Storage

8:40: Data drives our world and information is the new currency

8:42: Unified Management, Common Platform, Virtualized Infrastructure irrelevant of structured, unstructured data.

Claus Mikklesen, Chief Scientist

8:45: Claus shows a picture of the first hard drive from 1956, 24 platters, 2100 pounds

8:50: Nigel kicks off a nice discussion on Software platforms within HDS, VP of Software platforms jumps in, Pete and Michael talks about software platforms

Harry ZImmer, Senior Director, Global Competitive Marketing

Mandy Perera, Senior Competitive Market Analyst

8:55: Competitive discussion kickoff

9:00: Hot Topic: Dynamic/Auto Tiering of Storage, top on the list

9:01: Hot Topic: Cloud Evolution: Customer adoption, Private-Hybrid-Public Clouds, second on the list

9:02: Hot Topic: Simplified/Comprehensive Storage Mgmt, third on the list

9:06: Thin provisioning was a request that was submitted and HDS managed to deliver on it through this new process

9:08: Harry Zimmer works at HDS, but before that worked for EMC and IBM.

9:20: Elias has deployed Hitachi Blades and loves it. Has some vmware integration issues with loading drives etc.

9:31: We have been storage virtualization for years when compared to Vplex

9:32: Lets find out implementation and application needs for long distance storage virtualization and see if there are existing products within HDS that might be able to accomplish it.

9:34: Containers, POD’s, Racks and End to End Stacks: Biz Dev Wars, was on top of the list but has now fallen to 15 now. This is a comparison to vBlocks. The question is how successful is EMC is in this strategy.

Disclaimer: Though we are not required, it is up to the attendees to blog and tweet about this event if they wish to. Our travel, boarding and lodging expenses for two days will be paid by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS).