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What happened to the Storage Industry!!

I just woke up……to find a total disarray in the storage industry. Things have changed but what changed, why did it change.  Nothing matches up to my last remembrance.

Did you know….

Chuck Hollis doesn’t work for EMC and is now blogging for TechTarget, his blogs are still so futuristic about the mainframe world and how it will rule the market. Barry Burke on his blog is talking about the benefits of using an iUSPV versus using an iV-Max, and has been named as the top friendliest blogger. Dave Graham is now working for as the chief editor and has taken over the world by his blogs about the next generation AMD processors.

Storagezilla has now become lonely social media voice at EMC, though these days he talks a lot about how to integrate storage platforms with mobile devices. Stu Miniman still blogs occasionally on his blog but has gone to Chair the FCoE Standards committee and now hates social media. Ed Saipetch decided to turn to industry speaking and is amongst one of the leading speaker for Environment Protection.

Chad Sakac decided it was enough with VCE, vArmy, Private Cloud and these days is working hard to built the next generation weapons systems for the Army, though not everyone within the Army is so excited, Chad with his partnerships is bringing some big momentum. Steve Todd finally decided to get into management and left his long legacy with DG, XAM and programming and now doing something…..that he doesn’t want to understand.  Christopher Kusek (CXI) decided to move out of EMC and is now an activist against animal killing….

Wow… for a change….

Vaughn Stewart like Kostadis decided to move out of the Storage – Virtualization industry and these days they work together at a furniture startup. To my surprise, Val Bercovici now works with Chad in his advanced weapons systems design. After the great acquisition of NetApp, Dave Hitz has now moved over to 3Par and is helping build the next storage platform. After all, Alex McDonald decided to move to HP and now works along with Calvin Zito on competitive landscape.

Hu Yoshida decides to quit blogging and these days work along with Barry Burke and Barry Whyte and often talk about the iUSPV platform and how it may change the way we do mobile computing. All the 3 of them are working on designing the next genration platform called the iV-U-S. Claus Mikkelsen still occasionally writes about VM’s and LPar’s on mainframes and still considers HDS platform as the most monolithic architecture, just publically doesn’t accept it.  David Merrill now gave up on the whole idea of Storage Economics and is typically telling customers, always buy more storage for your future needs, TCO, ROI, ROA are not good examples and measures for Storage acquisition.

Marc Farley and Greg Knieriemen started Infosmack Productions and now run a very successful media business (talk shows, comedy, podcast – all storage / virtualization related) competing with the biggest media houses. You can call Marc and Greg at 1-800-INFOSMAC to appear on their podcast.  Stephen Foskett is now an end user managing 10 PB’s of Storage and turned into the biggest critic of storage and virtualization vendors. Every chance he gets he manages to beat up the vendors. Pretty apparent from his blogs, he hates everyone now…

As consolidation hits everywhere and doesn’t spare Storage Monkeys, Wikibon, Backup Central, The Register and GestaltIT, which are today called as and The storage analyst are no more just storage analyst and typically use a “i” in front of their twitter handles, website addresses and company names, showing an integration between storage and “i” products from Apple.

Many Vmware focused bloggers like Duncan Epping, Eric Siebert, Rodney Haywood, Simon Seagrave, Rich Brambley and Daniel Eason now have a big section on their blogs about HyperV, Xen, Amazon S3 and Azure. Scott Lowe’s focus has turned to Cisco and now he writes books on the next generation virtualization engine by Cisco. Marc Farley on the StorageRap blog decides to quit making those Steering Wheel Camera and Check it out videos, but continues to make 3par storage videos while hunting bears.

Storagebod now works for EMC, he has lately become “The Seller of Dreams”. Storage Architect – Chris Evans decided he had enough with the Storage Industry and now works and blogs fulltime for the Wine Industry. Jon Toigo now works at his startup called Toigo Partners on his first project called FunnyToigo designing his first disk array called the OptimizedToigo. Nigel Poulton permanently quits blogging and now works at a Networking startup with Greg Ferro as his boss. GrumpyStorage had enough with the storage industry and now calls himself GrumpyCloud.

Just realized either I am still in my dreams or today is the 1st of April… remember this is a light hearted peak into the storage industry. Which one of these is your favorite….