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HP StorageWorks Tech Day 2010

After a successful event last year, HP again invites a group of bloggers for a round of Storage deep dive. HP has managed to pull some successful events organized specially for the Social Media folks over the past 6 months and include the #hptechday (HP StorageWorks Day), #hpbladesday (HP Blades and Software Infrastructure Day) and #hpanalystday (HP Analyst Day) which was hosted couple of weeks ago. HP is totally leveraging and pushing the social media engine for educating and creating a buzz around HP products and seems its working in there favor so far.


This will be my 3rd visit to HP in 6 months, which includes the prior #hptechday and #hpbladesday. This is an invite only session targeted for “independent bloggers”. Most of the bloggers invited are end users, partners or consultants.


The HP StorageWorks Day 2010, #hpstorageday is being hosted in Houston, TX on the 29th and 30th of March, 2010. The primary focus of this event is HP’s StorageWorks products. Typically in these events, we get a deep dive into products, key presentations from marketing execs and product teams, access to engineering and product designers / architectures and hands on lab/demo of the equipment.


This is a non-NDA event, which makes it lucrative to attend and will hopefully give a vision into HP StorageWorks and Convergence roadmap.

The twitter hashtag for this event is #hpstorageday


Some agenda as discussed on HP Storage Block Blog by Calvin Zito include

  • Key presentation by HP Executives
  • Presentation on Convergence Infrastructure
  • Presentations on StorageWorks products
  • Lab and Demos
  • Storage networking discussions
  • Storage management (SRM) discussions
  • Tour of HP labs and manufacturing facilities in Houston, including the POD (Performance Optimized Datacenter) tour.


Here are the folks that will be attending the event (in random order)


Over the past couple of years, HP has emerged to be one of the leading players in the storage industry. The so-called “acquisition” of Dave Donatelli from EMC has excelled HP’s movement in the converged infrastructure space along with some robust integration between its storage, networking and server platforms. Dave heads ESSN (Enterprise Server Storage Networking) Division within HP.


The acquisition of both IBRIX and Lefthand has helped HP position itself very well in the storage and convergence space. The latest acquisition of 3Com will hopefully combine along with its current offering in the networking space and help further integrate its convergence strategy. There was a good post by Dave Vellante of Wikibon on My HP V8 Moment after he attended the #hpanalystday


Well it all starts on the 29th of March, 2010 – Monday and Tuesday, stay tuned on Twitter for hashtag #hpstorageday

Again thanks to the IVY Worldwide team, Becca Taylor and Calvin Zito from HP for the invite to the event.

And thanks for reading this blog, appreciate all your comments, views, feedback and RT’s!!!


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  • rodos

    Devang, really looking forward to catching up next week. I see your points but “leading players in storage”? Revenue or mindshare? Donatelli has been handcuffed until recently. They have to have a vision and target for where they want to win in the industry. Looking forward to hearing it all in plain English.


  • storagenerve

    Hi Rodney,

    Likewise looking forward to catching up with you. Safe travels to the US.

    I was pretty amazed when we heard it last time that HP is considered amongst the top 3 storage vendors in the industry. Here are a few things that they are trying to integrate today to have the next generation platform and we may get to hear about it this time around.

    HP big time lacks a solution on the Enterprise side of the business, the relationship with Hitachi Japan allows them a little engineering insight and I am not sure that can help with HP's convergence strategy.

    Dave Donatelli has still been running the ESN and starting Jan 2010 has responsibilities for ESSN (Storage included). But over the past year with some of the big strategic moves Dave seems to have his fingers into at least defining the convergence strategy.

    To put it in best words, I would say, I am cautiously optimistic on HP.

    Hopefully we get to hear more on it this week….


  • halley

    Did you know you spelled Rodney's last name wrong? I thought you were a true friend of his :) Was the spelling of his blog name not obvious enough for you? Catch ya Sunday!

  • storagenerve

    Rodney apologies for your misspelled last name. Correcting it now…

    Hi Halley, thanks for reading the blog and surely pointing out my mistake, see you later in the week at HP Storage Day!!!