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HP Blades and Infrastructure Software TechDay 2010

So back to the new years (2010) events now….

HP Blades and Infrastructure Software Tech Day 2010 is being hosted in Houston, TX on the 25th and 26th of Feb, 2010. An invitation only event focused around various HP related Compute, Virtualization and Networking Technologies (Converged Infrastructure) and possibly some new product announcements.

The Tech Day was initially launched by HP last year particularly by the Storage Group and now has become quite famous within the industry to invite bloggers and independent social media voices to these events and give them briefings about products and technologies.

These briefings include Company Executives providing a vision into the technology, possibly the next gen or future roadmaps without any NDA’s, live demos of the product by engineering teams, hands on lab, inside tour of the labs, how today’s technology helps solve business problems, marketing pitches and a deep dive session on some selected technologies.

I have been fortunate to been invited again to this event. Though the topics of discussion are not exactly disclosed yet, but stay tuned for the entire coverage of this event on this blog and also on the twitter stream.

The twitter hashcode for this event is #hpbladesday

So far here are a few Industry experts that are attending this event (in random order).

Rich Brambley:

Greg Knieriemen: Infosmack Podcast

Stephen Foskett:

Chris Evans:

Simon Seagrave:

John Obeto:

Frank Owen:

Kevin Houston:

Martin Macleod:

Calvin Zito from HP will be attending the event; you can catch Calvin’s HP Storage Blog here

Here is the link to previous HPTECHDAY blog posts on the StorageNerve blog.

To follow all #hpbladesday invitees on twitter, here is a list put together by Greg Knieriemen

This event is being organized by IVY Worldwide.

At this event, it will be good to understand HP’s current vision and roadmap with its Blades technology and with all the converged products.

Though I am not officially required to write about these technology briefings and deepdive sessions, if I find something interesting, you will see it in form of a technology discussion at this blog.

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