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Amidst a few things

Just a quick post to all the readers of StorageNerve and GestaltIT.

Big apologies for the lack of posts and comments approval on the StorageNerve blog and absence from the Twitterosphere over the past few weeks.

Feb: Just returned back from business travel scheduled in February. Had some great meetings with our customers and partners in the APAC region.

Went out sightseeing on a quite Saturday to spot some kangaroos. Here is a picture from my blackberry camera.

Kangaroos on a Golf course

Mid Jan: In the month of January enjoyed some time off with my close family and friends in India and attended a few weddings. It was a nice vacation, relaxed time and always good to catchup with friends from high school.

Though walking on the road in Mumbai, India, spotted a $2500.00 (new) car (TATA NANO). Seems this car is making a lot of buzz in India and soon coming to Europe. Though not sure if we would ever see this car in the US.


There are quite a few events that I will be attending in Feb, Mar and April. Look for blog posts relating to those events here. As usual twitter activity and blogging should resume back in the next few days.

In the meantime, appreciate all the feedback, questions and comments from the readers and again thanks for continuing to read StorageNerve.


  • Star

    Yey…Glad to c u back in our zone!

  • Simon Sharwood

    You did get yourself disinfected after seeing those 'roos, didn't you?
    Kangaroo rot can strike at any time up to 90 days after you come within 100 feet of 'roos and trust me, you don't want to know the symptoms …. 😉

  • storagenerve

    I hope i wasnt that close to the Kangaroos, they were the coolest creatures…..