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New looks and feel, revamped

After a month of research, trying new themes, testing, kicking off new ideas, implementation, more testing and some programming, the blog site now has a new look and feel.

Over the past one year, since Jan 11th 2009, when I registered the domain name, the site has gone through at least 2 different themes.

The blog has been revamped with new technology, new theme, plug-ins, widgets, scripts, content, pages, videos, pictures, etc. The idea with the blog is to give it a clean look, non-cumbersome, use standard colors, give the reader a simplistic way to go to content that’s either hidden in archives or only available through tags.

A new Google custom search engine is now implemented, new drop down menu’s, a favicon, condensed logos, translation available in 42 languages (which seems to be pretty precise), a new self updating live twitter grid with StorageNerve twits and mentions. With merely 7 widgets, a new theme and 27 plug-ins, the response times on the blog looks pretty amazing.

The project to upgrade started about 24 days ago, with setting up a test site and implementing some premium and modified themes. Though after going through a selection of 4 themes, I settled with the current one. Had to create a lot of new pages in wordpress, though these pages will be static (not delivered through feeds), I will be populating them with all the necessary content in the coming weeks.

There are quite a few empty pages up on the site currently, but as content is published on it, I will push out a blog post letting the readership know about the content through feeds and through twitter.  There are some sections of the blog that will be published over the next week or two, while some make still take time.


The new logo for Storagenerve is being designed and should be available early next week. Because of the GestaltIT Techfieldday 2009 coming up this week, I have decided to pre-release the new site for added visibility. The feedburner and wordpress feeds will remain unchanged.

Also check the “events” menu to keep a track of all the activity happening during this coming week at GestaltIT TechFieldDay 2009.

If there is anything I can do to improvise on the blog, please feel free to either leave a comment or shoot me a quick email.

For all non-Wordpress users: I have personally used the Blogger platform (Google) than Typepad and then WordPress.

Though I have to say the possibilities are limitless with WordPress.

Your comments always welcome.

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