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HP TechDay 2009 Day 2: HP Converged DataCenters

So after a long day yesterday, back to normal schedule today. We met at 8:00 AM for breakfast and then the sessions followed.

Colorado Springs

Pic 15 Pikes Peak

Pike’s Peak from HP Building, I had an opportunity to visit Pike’s Peak in Sept 2008, a gorgeous place, though they officially sell Oxygen on the top of the mountain, since many people faint due to lack of Oxygen at the top of 14K feet.

Convergence was the main topic of discussion today and the vision HP shares on its next generation products and how it will help further leverage the concept of converged data centers.

I will try to leave the focus of this blog post to really the overview of the events that were covered by HP. It will be impossible to jump into all the related technologies in this post. But over the next month, please stay tuned on some technical talk around Unified Platform and Converged Data Centers visions.

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Pic 16 Storage and Server Convergence

Storage and Server Convergence

Jim Pownell from the CTO’s office was the first speaker of the day talking about Converged Data Centers.

Pic 17 Jim Pownell from CTOs office

Jim Pownell talking about Convergence, wish I had recorded this session

Though there is one change that HP should make now, is remove the HP Oracle Exadata Version 1 since the new partnership does not utilize the HP technology any more.

Pic 20 HP IBRIX Convergence

HP IBRIX and Convergence

Right before lunch, we had a presentation from Todd Mottershead, who runs the Proliant Business within HP. It was great to hear about next generation technologies that HP is designing that would compete in the Blade Market space. Things like Green power technologies including power capping, floor space consolidation, effective cooling, integrated Smart Array controllers, video optimization and other things that HP is pushing out in its new next generation technologies. Flex 10, Virtual interconnect and other networking technologies included.

Pic 22 Devang asking a question to Todd Mottershead

Devang asking a question to Todd Mottershead

pic 22 the first row

Devang, Stephen and Greg sharing the first row, staring at Nigel Poulton

Todd Mottershead’s presentation was a great one…

Then we had a photo session with all the Bloggers

There are some good versions of the same picture, though this is taken using my cell phone and may not be very clear.

Pic 21 Bloggers Picture

Starting from the back left

Frank Owen

Greg Knieriemen

Nigel Poulton

John Spiers

Ray Lucchesi

John Obeto

Rich Brambley

Starting from the left front row

Simon Seagrave

Devang Panchigar

Stephen Foskett

Nina Buik

Calvin Zito

Robin Harris couldn’t make it to this session since he had to leave early for the flight.

A list of all the folks that attended the HP Tech Day 2009 are

Storage Bloggers

Nigel Poulton: Ruptured Monkey
Stephen Foskett: Stephen Foskett’s Blog
Greg Knieriemen: Storage Monkeys Infosmack Fame
Robin Harris: StorageMojo
Ray Lucchesi: RayOnStorageBlog
and myself Devang Panchigar: StorageNerve

Virtualization experts

Rich Brambley: VM/ETC
Simon Seagrave: TechHead
Frank Owen: Tech Virtuoso
John Obeto: Absolute Windows

HP Connect President

Nina Buik: 4th Source


Calvin Zito: Around the Storage Block Blog

Becca Taylor

Kathleen Moore

and unfortunately cannot disclose everyone’s names from HP Engineering and Marketing…..

IVY Marketing

Halley Bass

Tom Augenthaler

After lunch we had a special tour of the lab and were able to take pictures and videos of the HP labs in Colorado Springs. Here is a link to YOUTUBE video of the HP labs.

This test labs have more than 500 servers and 20 Petabytes of Storage.

Tony Green, the Data Center Manager

Also we did couple of video sessions with folks at HP giving our views on this entire event and how they can make it better. Some comments and videos should be available on the HP Storage Blog in a few days.

So then Greg Knieriemen and Stephen Foskett hosted the Storage Monkeys Podcast at HP. We had quite a few folks from HP and some bloggers on it. Though I will not disclose any information on it now, please stay tuned for the next Infosmack on StorageMonkeys on Sunday or Monday of next week on HP Tech Day 2009.

In a nutshell the products and technologies to look forward from HP over the next year or two will be

Vision of Unified Storage

Integration of Lefthand products into HP portfolio of products

IBRIX Gateway

Data Deduplication



HP Converged Data Centers

Finally time to head back, made it on time to Denver airport from Colorado Springs and boarded the flight to get back home…..

Again thank you HP for inviting, thank you IVY Marketing folks, you guys have done an amazing job.

Looking forward for a similar event from other Storage Vendors.

As my friend Nigel Poulton says “HP really “GETS” storage”, it is so true.