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Vmworld 2009: Day 1 – Monday 31st August 2009

Finally end of another long day at Vmworld 2009. Though the day started a little late since registration was already done yesterday, things have been busy since arrival this morning.

Heard about some issues with the VMware labs this morning, was planning to attend the SRM lab, but looking at the lines outside those labs, it’s next to impossible to enter one of those. Best bet, is to create a test environment at home with all the equipment where you can practice various aspects of Vmware.

After lunch headed to the partner sessions, heard Paul Maritz, Carl G, Raghu R on the stage talking about various aspects of Vmware partnerships and possible new products being released over the next few months.

Pictures from Partner Session

Picture of Harry (CEO of Compugen, Canada), apparently Harry & Compugen are also a customer of ours.

Vmword 2009 - Harry Compugen

Harry from Compugen chatting on stage with Carl from VMware

Vmworld 2009: Harry

Meetup some other Twitter folks later in the day, it was great to associate faces with twitter names.

Then started the Vmworld 2009 Solutions Gallery at around 5:30 PM. Lots of food, drinks on the house. Its impossible to cover all the booths in one night, but as the day progresses tomorrow and get some time, can go talk to some folks about certain virtualization technologies – vertical products that we may be able to use.

The picture of 1% crowd at Vmworld

Twit’ed this picture live from the floor, check it out


Cisco MDS 9506 Multilayer Switch on the Solution Gallery Floor

Cisco 9506 DIrector Switches

Cisco Nexus 7010 Products

Cisco 7010 Nexus

Dinner at California Kitchen House, highly recommended Pizza’s joint, it was awesome food.

Then went to the tweetup session at the B Bar arranged by the Twitter folks. Meet several known faces there and also some great new introductions.

Then had a chance to talk to @texiwell @ericsiebert @sakacc @vaughn_stewart and many others. Overall a great day, 20 hours of non stop excitement.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s day, the early AM Paul Maritz speech and then a ton of new announcements scheduled. Check out the twits realtime on the blog under the VMWorld 2009 section on the top.