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New Updated Blogroll

So as discussed earlier in the Blogroll Update blog post, here is the new StorageNerve Blogroll.

These are based on 3 primary classifications: Storage Blogs, Virtualization Blogs and Analyst Blogs

Along with the links below, the Blogroll is also located on the left sidebar.

Storage Blogs

Barry Whyte

Chris Kranz

Chuck Hollis

Dave Graham

David Merrill

Hu Yoshida

Ruptured Monkey

Storage Anarchist

Storage Architect


Virtualization Blogs

Virtual Geek

Scott Lowe

Yellow Bricks

Analyst Blogs

Steve Duplessie

Stephen Foskett



Hope some of the blogs mentioned here, give a link back to the StorageNerve Blog.

Some readers may or may not agree with this classification, neither with all the blogs in those classifications.

Cheers, @storagenerve