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Blogroll Update

Over the past year, I have included some great reading links on my Blogroll.

Primarily the blogroll was divided into OEM and Non-OEM blogs. I do not think that classification stands true anymore.

Going forward, I will be implementing a new strategy. Will have 3 different blogrolls: Storage Blogs, Virtualization Blogs and Analyst Blogs.

The StorageNerve Blogroll will primarily only consist of blogs that are focused on technology, only in very exceptional cases, will I have a link on the blogroll that is for a non-technical blog.

I am not singling out any marketing blogs or any non-technology focused blogs, but really want to try to focus StorageNerve over the next year to primarily be a technology-focused blog.

A new Blogroll will be located on the left of the page, please check the Blogroll on 31st of July, 2009 for updates.

Cheers, @storagenerve